Nose Butter Saved This Pug From Surgery!

Showcasing This Sweet Pug's Recovery

"I just wanted to let you know how much we a appreciate your product! I left a great review on Amazon where I purchased but I also wanted to leave one on your website. Keep up the great work!"

"Our vet told us our Pug would need surgery in order to get rid of the crust that was growing on her nose. Never owning a pug before I believed him and began saving up for the expensive surgery. After doing a little research I stumbled upon stories about pugs and dry noses. More research led to Nose Butter and the various brands. I took a chance and purchased this one through Amazon.

"In only 1 month this was the before and after! My Pug's nose is completely healed WITHOUT surgery! I also sent this my vet to show that surgery was not needed. My poor dog was suffering while I was trying to save for this expensive unnecessary surgery that my vet told me was needed all while I just could have purchased this inexpensive product and had her nose healed in a month."

"Give it a try I promise it works! I swear by it! We are even trying the Paw Butter!"


It is amazing reviews like this one that motivate us. To know that our Nose Butter saved this sweet Pug from surgery reinforces our dedication. Thank you so much for sharing with us!


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