by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 2 min read


Your Dog's Sense of Smell is Their #1 Method of Gathering Info

A healthy, wet nose helps your dog get more info…

NOSE BUTTER keeps your dog’s nose moist and healthy…

So…NOSE BUTTER actually does make your dog smarter!




Sure you dog is aware of the layers of crust sitting on top of his nose, you would know if you had a scab on your nose. The difference is your dog is helpless to do much about it. (That whole no thumbs thing). Trying to moisten their nose by licking it creates an even drier nose. Have you ever licked chapped lips? Did it help? Nope, and it won’t help your dog’s dry nose either. But what else can your dog DO?


How many times has someone asked what is wrong with your dog’s nose? You could tell they were judging your dog parenting skills. Ugh, who needs THAT?


As you now know, your dog gets much of his info from his sense of smell. A healthy, moist nose gathers the scent particles floating by that are packed full of all sorts of tantalizing info!  A dry nose cannot capture the heavenly smells your dog depends on for info. This can lead to frustration and a lack of self confidence. Your dog knows info is out there, but he cannot get it. 

A chronically dry nose can lead to a life-time of your dog not living their life fully. Your dog knows there is a world of info just a sniff away and his dry nose blocks him from accessing it. FOMO.

Think of your dog having a dry nose as being like this…you are driving along an unfamiliar, dark stretch of deserted road and feel that awful lurch of a flat tire. You are so grateful you have roadside service! You pull over, heart still pounding, tap your phone and see NO BARS. You walk around, contorting yourself into insane positions as you lift your phone to the sky in a vain attempt to capture the elusive bars. It is frustrating and scary! This is how your dog feels when he is unable to sniff properly and get the connection he wants and needs.

no cell phone signal

Now you know how having an unsightly dry nose can physically and mentally impair your dog AND you can shop for NOSE BUTTER. Win/Win!  

BLISS TIP! The dog breed labels are just for fun and to celebrate the incredible diversity of dog breeds and mixes. Choose your dog's breed or any breed you like for the label on the NOSE BUTTER®'s all the same NOSE BUTTER recipe.


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