New Look, Same Blissful Dog

The Blissful Dog Logo Has a New Look

Yep, we kept the French Bulldog on our logo, as it has been for over 15 years. While, it's not a dramatic change, we felt it was time to spruce up The Blissful Dog logo, while remaining true to our roots. Plus, to me, tweaking the logo and freshening the labels is like painting a physical store. Freshens the look up, but you're in the same good place.

The Evolution Of A Logo

This has been an ongoing process and I've gone through countless variations of the logo. Just like Goldilocks, some were too much, some too vague and some I couldn't figure out what was bugging me. When I get latched onto a project like that it is real easy for me to roll into hyper focus and obsess over it until I can say, "I'm done, that's it!" I can assure you everyone here was sooooo glad when they heard those words. Plus, with over 4000 different labels (including variations of dog breeds, color, size), we knew it would be a long haul. Ashley had visions of me not sleeping until I had changed them ALL, I am sure.

Here are a few of the possibilities below...

#1 - This was my second favorite, both with and without the crown. It was close, but something wasn't ringing true for me with it.

#2 - Another close runner-up. I had several variations of this same dog, but I felt the final images overpowered the name and that's not good. Plus, it was hard to scale it to look good really small. 

#3 - Nope, no eyes. I thought I wanted to be all avant, with an Uber-cool vibe and while I liked it, the no eyes bugged me.

#4 - Was too much dog. He looks like he was ready to strike up a conversation in a bar and try to sell you beachfront property. 

#5 - Was one of the first trials. Too many layers and too complicated and miserably failed the scaling it down really small test. But, it is a fun image to use for other applications. My notecards feature a version of him.

Sidenote: I loosely patterned the French Bulldog after my Dude. Thus, the dog was supposed to be male and I wasn't sure how to accurately portray that in a cartoon style without being gross. I Googled "cartoon male dog genitalia" without thinking it through. Not only was I horrified by what I saw in that brief glimpse of a world I didn't know existed, but all I could then think of was all the detective/police tv shows where they pull up someone's online surfing history and arrest them. "Cartoon male dog genitalia" will henceforth be seared on my Google history from that one search.

the blissful dog logo variations 

The new logo and label style will roll out incrementally. In other words, we're not dumping thousands of pages of the current labels. That wouldn't be good for the environment or our bottom line. Plus, it will take a certain amount of time to create and update every single image on the website. Your products may have some of the current labels and some new or any combination of the new look and the current. It will all be the same good stuff and made to order in small batches to ensure the freshness you know we deliver.

Questions? Contact us and we'll be glad to answer.

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