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ATTENTION - Presenting The Blissful Dog of the Day Major Payne

Major Payne is today's honoree of The Blissful Dog of the Day. He's taken time from his busy schedule of guarding his property from any squirrel attacks to be our Blissful Dog of the Day. 

The Blissful Dog: How did you meet your dog? Were you running errands and happened to pass a rescue group hosting an adoption day? Your eyes met and it was love at first sight? Did you have your heart set on a certain breed and went for it?

Major Payne's #1 Person B.F.: He was up for adoption at a vet's office in Sherman, TX, & my son, Casey, had him flown to me via Delta in Atlanta as a surprise gift! My husband was murdered 4 months earlier so Major was a needed addition to my life.

TBD: What a thoughtful thing for your son to do for you during such a dark time for you. Major must have been a much needed source of comfort for you.

TBD: How old is the Major?

B.F.: 8 yrs old on September 22, 2018

TBD: A September 22nd birthday makes Major a Virgo in astrology. Dogs born on September 22nd are often hard-working, intelligent dogs who are very attentive to their people/person. They can "dance to a different drummer" and have a bit of an eccentric personality or even quirky personality, but are loved by all they meet.

TBD: Is this your only dog or pet? If not fill us in on your dog’s housemates. Do they get along? Who is Top Dog?

B.F.: Major has a 16 yo Boston Terrier sister, Margeaux, he's loved since he was a puppy. He has a 4 yo chocolate Lab brother, Bear, we adopted 2 yrs ago & they do not get along so are separated at all times!

TBD: What is your Major's favorite splurge for a snack? A bit of steak, a bully stick, stolen cat litter box truffles?

B.F.: Bacon!

TBD: What’s the funniest thing Major ever did? Did they paper the house with an entire 12-pack of Charmin’s finest? Or drag out the contents of your clothes hamper to show your dinner guests? Or maybe your dog’s a Houdini hound?

B.F.: Chewed my credit card & Citibank had to overnight a replacement to me. Plus, he destroyed a paperback version of The Shack!

TBD: If you could tell your dog one thing and know they 100% understood, what would it be?

B.F.: That he is my #1 & came into my life at a very important time❤

TBD: Does your dog have any silly habits or idiosyncrasies? Do they spin in circles before pooping? Do they always (every. single. time.) bark when the microwave beeps? What is that funny thing your dog does that always makes you smile?

B.F.: He rubs his back right above his tail on furniture up & down. We call it "the hump-hump"!

TBD: Here’s your chance - Share anything you care to about your dog.

B.F.: I've had 2 fawn females, but Major is my 1st Whitey & my 1st male from 2 registered fawn parents. He sees and hears everything and has no health issues like allergies. He's so special I'll never have another Whitey because they broke the mold with him!

TBD: Thank you so much for sharing a bit about Major with us. It sure seems to us that he has been of immense comfort to you and helped make your life more blissful. Thank you both.

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