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Keeping Your Senior Dog Comfortable

by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 1 min read

keep senior dog warm

Comfort First (One of My Mottos)

Your senior dog has given you so many years of love, loyalty and laughter. For the next few years (I hope lots of years), you may need to take a few steps to help their senior years be more comfortable for them.

Keep Your Senior Dog Warm

Start watching your senior dog and see if they seek out the warmest spot in the house. Whether they are chasing a sunbeam or lying on top of the heat vent, our older dogs naturally want to keep their older, stiffer joints warm and supple.

  • Keep your senior dog warm and cozy. Old dogs chill more easily! 
  • Make sure their bed is in a draft-free area
  • Put an extra fluffy blanket on top of their bed
  • If your dog will tolerate it, try a dog sweater to keep the chill off

Speaking of Dog Beds

  • Keep thick, comfy beds in every room your dog has access to
  • Invest in a couple of thicker orthopedic (the egg crate ones)
  • Washable covers, please, no comment needed

TIP! We use those polar fleece blankets as an extra dog bed cover. Not only are they warm and cozy, they wash easily and come in a bazillion colors at a great price. Plus, if your dog is a vigorous fluffer (as we call ours who take bed fluffing to an aerobic level exercise), they get extra exercise. 

Keeping your senior dog warm and happy takes just a few extra minutes and offers them years of toast comfort.

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