by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 2 min read

The Basenji Is Not For Everyone, But Is Perfect For Some

Sharp-looking, smart, athletic, interesting conversationist…the Basenji would have a FAB Tinder Bio. But just like that great Match your single friends talk about…the Basenji is absolutely perfect for some and for others would not be a perfect Match.

The Basenji has the double edged sword of being incredibly intelligent and high energy. When that superpower intelligence is put to good use in an active family, life can be sublime. If left alone and allowed to be bored, havoc will be wreaked.

High energy means just that...the Basenji needs miles of exercise every. single. day. or that energy may turn to the dark side of chewing, escaping or mass destruction. If you really are ready to commit to that exercise requirement, congratulations. 

Basenjis truly are one of the quintessential escape artist canine breeds. They view fences as merely something that slows them down...but not for long! When you look up canine escape artist the Basenji's smiling picture is right there amongst the Top Ten. Smart, agile, and able to solve problems they need a super-max worthy enclosure if they are to be trusted in the yard alone. 

Basenji lovers who Know Things encourage new Basenji devotees to have their dog microchipped, have tags firmly attached and introduce your Basenji to your neighbors and any delivery drivers in the area.  

They also have a very high prey drive, which means cats, hamsters, squirrels, and pretty much anything small that moves will be chased and often caught.

For those who appreciate a dog who thinks on their own, can problem solve, and can keep up with their exercise requirements the Basenji can be a rewarding best friend. If you can be honest with yourself and commit to their needs, you will be rewarded with an intelligent, active, entertaining companion for many years to come.


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