I Was Honored To Be Interviewed For This Series

When I think of myself, I suppose I visualize myself as in my late 30s or early 40s, then I glance in the mirror and remember I'm 63 now! It may sound cliched, but today's 63 really is what 43 was when the last of us Boomers and the early Gen Xers were young. Personally, I have a LOT more to do and I hope I have time to get 'er all done. I started The Blissful Dog in 2002ish at the age of 46 and had no idea it would grow into a full-fledged corporation with distributors and full-time employees. 

My goal with the info I shared with Gretchen was to share any information that could possibly be of help to any of y'all who might have a yearning to give your precious idea or dream a shot.

If you’ve hit your “mid-life stride” in your career, you may be facing a lot of changes. Maybe you realize you’ve spent too long in a job you dislike, or you’re facing the possibility of losing your job because you make too much. Maybe your company is downsizing, or you’re aging out of the workforce. Or maybe you lost or left your job already, and you can’t find the next “right fit.” No matter the situation, you know this for sure: you want to be in charge of your own destiny. If this resonates, I’d like to invite you to a brand-new, complimentary interview series (I'm one of the entrepreneurs interviewed) hosted by my friend Gretchen Westerhoff, a Corporate to Entrepreneur Transitional Coach, starting September 9. It’s called Fire Your Boss & Break Free From The Corporate Grind: Your Midlife Awakening to Secure Your Future, and you can reserve your spot at no cost HERE

When Gretchen first contacted me, we realized we're almost neighbors, as she is in Iowa. We also had fun chatting about what to consider when bringing a new dog into your home.  This series of interviews are like chatting with friends of friends over a nice lunch as they share cool stuff they have learned from starting and building businesses. Now that's the vibe I love to learn from.

Sign up, I know you will find this of benefit if you're even thinking of starting a business. Please, share with anyone you think could possibly benefit.

Of course, the very best of luck in launching your next dream project!




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