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Hugo Von Ulysses - The Blissful Dog of the Day December 28, 2018

Hugo Von Ulysses - The Blissful Dog of the Day December 28, 2018

HUGO VON ULYSSES - Great Dane of Fable & Lore

Today we are honored to chat with Hugo Von Ulysses, as our most esteemed Blissful Dog of the Day. His odyssey is a fascinating one and he truly lives up to his name.

The Blissful Dog: Tell us, how old is Hugo?

A: Hugo Von Ulysses  Born March 22 2018...….nine months old

TBD: Ah, the sign of Aries. Hugo is the embodiment of energetic confidence, wealth and empowerment. Lady Gaga and Leonardio are also Aries. Aries is always on the go, energetic and maybe a dash of turbulence. We'll see if Hugo fits the Aries mold.

TBD: How did Hugo come to be a part of your family?

A: We are a rescue only family, however when we decided to get a Great Dane, the Dane rescue wouldn't let us adopt as our yard isn't completely fenced.  So we found a great breeder and purchased Hugo

TBD: Hugo was obviously meant to be a part of your family. Destiny. Is he an only?

A: When we brought Hugo home we had an elderly Newfoundland who he tormented the bejesus out of.  She passed a month later. So currently he's an only dog.

TBD: We're a bit prejudiced, as we were lucky to have shared our lives with a very loving and dignified Newfie. We're sure she handled the young Hugo's torment with dignity and grace.

TBD: What was Hugo's latest adventure?

A: Hugo decided he didn't like our Christmas throw pillows and tore them to shreds while we were out.

TBD: Oh my, that is a serious lack of holiday cheer, Hugo, Hugo.

TBD: If you could tell Hugo one thing, and he would understand it completely, what would that be?

A: If Hugo could understand one thing we tell him, it would be that we'll love him forever, always and never abandon him for any reason. He's a member of our family.

The Blissful Dog: Thank you so much for taking time out of the holiday season, and picking up pillow stuffing, to answer a few questions. We're honored to have Hugo as our Blissful Dog of the Day.

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