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How To Apply Nose Butter

3 min read

brindle french bulldog

It's Not Rocket Science, But These Tips Will Make It Easier

Yesterday I looked down at my French Bulldog, The Dude, and almost fainted. "OMG, Dude, you need Nose Butter NOW!" I would have wept if anyone had stopped by and seen my dog's, the Nose Butter woman. I was mortified. 

I've been known to procrastinate on occasion (daily), but not when it comes to my dogs. Of course, Dude was immediately all buttered up and today his nose is back to its normal gloriousness. As evidenced by the image above, Dude did not share my horror. But I did start pondering what would make someone NOT apply their dog's Nose Butter® when it really does WORK.

Reason Loving Dog People May Slip on Nose Butter Application

#1 - Dog resists application. Whether it is Nose Butter application, toenail cutting or bathing, if your dog puts up a royal fuss or is difficult to handle, it's easy to push whatever it is to the back burner.

#2 - Not convenient. Ugh, the Nose Butter is out in the garage/mudroom/other wing of the mansion

#3 - So BUSY that one more thing will literally make your head explode. I call this the Outta Bandwidth dilemma. This, for me, is the biggie.

You've Got This!

Here are a few tips that really will work, to help you address each of these pitfalls.

#1 - If your dog resists application first determine what triggers their resistance

Do they loathe being held tightly?

First: Warm the product until it is almost melted; put in your pocket/bra and/or warm it in your palm with your fingers. 

Second: Try gently holding them by their jowls and dabbing the Nose Butter on quickly

Third: Treats, praise, cuddles...whatever excites your dog

NOTE! Most flat-faced dogs loathe being held tightly or controlled closely. This may be due to their already compromised breathing. Nature is telling them to protect their breathing at all costs. Many small dogs also struggle, as they are well aware of their small size and how it can put them at a disadvantage.

Do they immediately lick, lick, lick after you painstakingly apply their Nose Butter? Or do they try to rub the Nose Butter off on the carpet, sofa, grass?

I refuse to make any "My dog can't hold it's licker" jokes. But, we all thought it, didn't we? 

Some dogs are even more oral than others. Everything goes into their mouths and they are always carrying a toy or sock or something in their mouths. Some dogs just don't like the feeling of something on their face. They want to get the foreign substance off and fast.

First: For the dogs triggered by the above the key is to distract, distract and distract some more. You don't have to keep their attention diverted for long, just 10 minutes or so! 

Second, warm the product until it is almost melted and apply quickly. Then immediately give your dog a treat/toy/go for a walk. Make sure it is what they call a High Value treat/thing.

What Is Your Dog's #1 Favorite Source of Pleasure?

By the way, are you 100% sure what is your dog's #1 favorite thing? You may think it is treats, but it is actually the time with you. You may think it is playing with Mr. FuzzyButt, but it is playing with you. They keep Mr. FuzzyButt with them all the time as a connection to you. You may think they love chasing the ball to bring it back to you and please you. They may actually love chasing a ball as it is the chance to stretch their muscles and feel the power in their body. 

#2 Not Convenient

This one is easy. The next time you order Nose Butter add on a 3-pack of Nose Butter in the .15 oz tubes. This will allow you to have Nose Butter stashed in four places throughout your house. Or simply split your Nose Butter into 2-3 smaller containers, if possible.

#3 - Sooooo Busy

I get this, for some reason I have the tendency to think I am Ever. So. Busy. But, I find a way to keep up with my friends Rick, Daryl, Ezekiel, Jon, Tyrion, Tormund, Eleanor, Chidi, Shaun, Sam and all the rest. I swear I'm not using the "I'm too busy" one anymore. I am going to start saying out loud, "I can't" or "I don't want to."

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