by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 2 min read

Greyhounds are so much more than the world's fastest dog, though they hold that title with pride. They are also the most ancient purebred dog, dating back over 2500-5000 years (experts can't agree).

Let's go back to just how FAST they are. A Greyhound can run up to 45mph, getting too 35 mph in just three strides! The fastest racehorse was clocked at 43 mph. Usain Bolt, we've got your next challenge!

Greyhounds also have really long, thin heads with really widely spread eyes. Their wide set eye placements gives Greyhound's 270 degree vision. While not exactly like having eyes in the back of their heads, it does allow Greyhounds to see some of the back part of their heads. We mere humans have very little peripheral vision. 

Not only are their heads elongated, they have looooooong lean bodies. Average height for a Greyhound, as measured at the shoulders, ranges from 27 to 30 inches tall. But they weight in at only 60-70 pounds. I just measured my one-year old ¾ Leonberger and ¼ Great Pyrenees girl and Ska∂i is 125-130 pounds and at a great weight.

Also, due to their extremely tight muscularity, Greyhounds have a hard time getting comfy when they sit. Their relaxing position of choice is one of repose. Each Greyhound needs a chaise lounge to recline upon.

Greyhounds are streamlined and built to run from head to toe. Of course, these loving dogs also made one of the most devoted sofa surfers ever. If you have the right home for it, consider a retired racing Greyhound for your next dog.

The links below are shared without my having personal experience with them. You are responsible for doing your own homework prior to adopting.

Adopt A Greyhound National Greyhound Adoption Program National Greyhound Adoption Program

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