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Glamping With Dogs

1 min read

Glamping With Dogs

Glamping has been around for a couple of years or so now. It struck a chord with a lot of us who love to be out enjoying nature, but want to sleep in a real bed, have a shower, good wi-fi and not inconvenienced in any way. Yikes, I must admit that describes me to a T. 

But did you know clamping with your dog has its own hub, Glamping With Dogs, of THE best spots to glamp with your fave vacation buddy? Of course, it is based in the UK, where a pet friendly way of life is a bit ahead of us here in the US. 

The site gives you all the scoop on where to stay, what is happening all year and lots more of the kind of details one needs when considering where to clamp with their dog. We are delighted to have been pooch approved for inclusion on Glamping With Dogs Health & Beauty section. Cookie is know for her discriminating taste and we held our breath until we heard she approved! 

Check out the site, it is a nugget of a site, packed full of info and ideas. Surely someone here in the States is working on something equally fabulous!

clamping with dogs