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Gentle Touch Dog Soap

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Gentle Touch Dog Soap

Gentle Touch Dog Soap for Puppies, Seniors and Dogs With Sensitive Skin

Who can resist puppy fever? No one I know! Wiggling, licking, squirming bundles of sass and mischief, wrapped in love and dipped in puppy kisses. Durn, I want a puppy now! From that first day we bring our new puppy home, we are all smitten. Head over proverbial heels in love! 

Along with that love comes the realization that we are responsible for that little wiggle worm. From what they eat to their vet checkups to establishing a routine for them to be a good dog, it is all up to us. Wow, humbling...

Of course, GENTLE TOUCH is perfect for puppies, but it is also ideal for the dog with more sensitive skin. As we all know, when we age (dogs, humans, everyone) skin gets more delicate and less elastic. GENTLE TOUCH Soap is also a great choice for our seniors friends. Hey, I'm all about taking care of the old dogs.

To keep that sweet puppy kissable clean we offer Gentle Touch Soap. Of course, GENTLE TOUCH is the exact same formulation and the different breed labels are just for fun. But, we do offer a LOT of different breed labels. I admit, I got a wee bit carried away with all the adorable puppy images. 

Our mildest soap handcrafted using Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Palm, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Ground Oatmeal


gentle touch puppy soap