by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 2 min read

Has Your Flat Faced Dogs Ever Had Funky Face???

You lean in for a quick hug and smell something OFF. Check your shoes, under the sofa, your dog's feet and then you realize it is their FACE! Oh, No! Don't despair, we've got your covered.

Lots of squished face dogs and those with pendulous, hanging jowls and extra facial skin can get crud stuck in their creases and wrinkles. If no one told you, who would think to look? AND to make it worse, dogs with inverted, tight, torqued or close tails (or tail stubs) can also develop a gunky crud in that area. 

To make your life easier and oh-so much fresher, we've developed Fresh Flat Face Wash to freshen faces fast. What would I do without alliteration? Better question would be why do I love it so much? Back to your dog's face!

Spritz a good bit of Fresh Flat Face Wash onto a washcloth and get in there and clean your dog's face. I'll warn you, some dogs are not going to like this, but I don't particularly like my annual lady exam, but I gotta go. It's the same thing. We bred them to look like this, so we gotta take care of their faces.

After it's clean, dry their face with a clean washcloth. Ta-Dah! Done! What is yucky gunk in there? Tears, water from getting a drink, food, dirt, debris, whatever you can imagine gets in there and makes a smelly, sticky goo. This can develop into a more serious bacterial or fungal issue if not taken care of.

Check out Fresh Flat Face Wash. We've got it in 3 sizes; 4 oz mister bottle, 8 oz mini-trigger spray and 16 oz trigger spray bottle. Your choice of eleven different dog breeds on the label. Remember, friends don't let friends have funky faces.



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