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French Bulldog Nose Butter Compilation

1 min read

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French Bulldog Nose Butter Tips, Hints, Videos, Reviews and More!

If your Frenchie ever had a dry, rough nose and you were trying to find out what to do about know how frustrating that can be! We're glad you found us and thrilled we can share Nose Butter® with you.

Just in case you haven't read the About Us page yet, here goes. Nose Butter started over 15 years ago when I was desperate for something to smooth my French Bulldog's heinously crusty nose. He was entered in a show and to win big, show dogs have to look and feel their best. Back then there was absolutely nothing, except petroleum by-product stuff, to use on our dig's noses that actually worked.

By luck, or maybe magic, I dabbed some shea butter on one of my Frenchie's noses and voila - the next day his nose looked a LOT better. Yes, he won Winners Dog that next week, so Tah Dah!

Fast forward through all the solo-preneur start up woes and now today, Nose Butter is worldwide and we have a full staff of dog loving folks working to help are dogs be happy and healthy.

Below are four videos dedicated to French Bulldogs and their noses. We showcase reviews, before and after pictures of dry Frenchie noses, tips on how to best apply Nose Butter to uncooperative French Bulldogs and how to clean your Frenchies flat face.

Enjoy this quick overview of caring for your Frenchie's nose!