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French Bulldog Dies In Overhead Bin on United Airlines

French Bulldog Dies In Overhead Bin on United Airlines

French Bulldog Dies in Overhead Bin on United Airlines Flight

Story from People Magazine

Yes, you read that appalling headline correctly. United Airline did it again and displayed the most appalling disregard for an animal's life and forced a distraught young mom to put her French Bulldog in the overhead bin.

As someone who has lived with and flown with many Frenchies over the years, this article sickened me. After 9/11I told my husband that I would never fly with a Frenchie again, even with them in a Sherpa bag at my feet. The time on the tarmacs had increased and there was a feeling of girding your loins for battle when you went to the airport.

But to know there are human beings out there in positions of responsibility at United Airlines with zero concern for the life of a dog sickens me.

Never EVER will I fly United Airlines again and I urge, no I BEG any dog lovers to join me in this. It takes a lot to get a cynical old gal like me riled up, but this has done it. 

PS - United is also the airline that killed Simon the Giant Rabbit by putting him in a FREEZER! A living creature, purposefully frozen to death!

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