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Eliminate the Stinkiest of Stinks with Simply Fresh Deodorizing Spray

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corpse plant + skunk

How Would You Like To Have Guests Drop By Unannounced…

And Not Be Worried About the House Smelling Like A Diaper Pail & a Cat Litter Box Had a Love Child?

Now you can, with Simply Everything Fresh Deodorizing Spray...Tah Dah! Made with the best of science and nature to not just mask stinky smells, but to bust them apart at a molecular level. Simply Fresh gets rid of offensive odors and leaves the most subtle of scents of light ruby grapefruit.

Not only can you spritz a bit of Simply Fresh in your home or car, you can also spray your pets for a quick refresher. Spritz from ears back (not in face, duh) and your dog or cat will be quickly freshened and smelling great.

One caveat, nope to spraying near bird or reptile cages. We can't help your stinky iguana or smelly Macaw. Sorry.

Available in 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz and Gallon bottles.