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A Doubly Blissful Dog of the Day Kinda Day! Jammer & Eli!

by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 2 min read

A Doubly Blissful Dog of the Day Kinda Day! Jammer & Eli!

The Blissful Dog of the Day Duo Eli & Jammer!

The Blissful Dog: We got lucky today with not one, but TWO, Blissful Dogs for today.

Presenting....HIT CH. Breakawa's Windjammer CGC, CD, RE, TKN

The Blissful Dog: Tell us what all of the initials behind Jammer's name mean. We know they are titles and took a LOT of work...give us the scoop!"

Konnie (Eli & Jammer's mom): Jammer is a Clumber Spaniel, registered name Breakaway’s Windjammer. His birthday is 2/4/11. He is by far the happiest,most wiggley dog I have ever owned! That being said I can tell you earning his titles were no easy task, but we persevered. He is an AKC & UKC Champion, his obedience titles include his CD in AKC/UKC & Canadian, he also has AKC RE, CGC,TKN and passed his PT nose work in UKC. He has also won HIT in obedience at Clumber Nationals. 

The Blissful Dog: What is a HIT? I know dog show's are competitive, but to have a trained HIT Clumber???

Konnie: High in Trial, of course. That means that he got the highest obedience score out of ALL the Clumber Spaniels at the once a year Clumber Spaniel National Specialty.

The Blissful Dog: That's a very big achievement! We hope Jammer got all the treats and a big ribbon for you! What is Jammer up to now?

Konnie: Jammer is now retired (from dog shows) but continues to have his nose in EVERYTHING which is why the Nose Butter comes in so handy. We use it every day and it helps immensely.

The Blissful Dog: We're blushing, thanks for the kind words! Now tell us about the handsome Rottie.

UKC CH. Rottidox My Body Guard CGC, RN, BN, TKN is Eli's full name and his birthday is 10/16/12.

The Blissful Dog: Oh, a Libra. I bet he and his Aquarian buddy Jammer get along great!"

Konnie: Best friends, of course. Eli has also been busy, he is a UKC Champion & AKC pointed, his obedience titles are RN, BN, CGC and TKN.

The Blissful Dog: How long has Eli been part of the fam?

Konnie: He came to me when he was 15 months old and I could not ask for a more loving dog, he also likes to work. His nickname is Gladys Krabitz (sp?) as in the nosy neighbor on the tv show Bewitched, his favorite thing to do is watch all the coming and going in the neighborhood!

The Blissful Dog: What is Eli's fave product from The Blissful Dog?


Konnie: Eli is using the Elbow Butter and it has gotten rid of his callouses.

The Blissful Dog: What the scoop on those colors they are wearing?

Konnie: In their picture they are wearing their new TN colors as we recently moved from MI.

The Blissful Dog: Thank you for taking a few minutes to chat with us and best of luck living in Tennessee. It's a beautiful part of the country, full of nice people. Kinda like Michigan, but not near as cold! Big hugs to the Blissful Boys.

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