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Elbow Butter | Elbow Saver!

1 min read

Elbow Butter | Elbow Saver!

Elbow Saver! My dog has been scratching his front elbows with his back feet until they bled for over a year. We’ve tried multiple rounds of steroidal ointment from our vet, with only minor improvement. Once we stop the ointment the itching starts again.

I saw The Blissful Dog on an internet ad and, after some research, liked their all-natural approach and decided to give them a try. We’ve been using the Elbow Butter for about a week and it is amazing. Maverick had huge bleeding bald spots on his elbows and now they’re almost fully healed - and the fur is growing back!

I’ve just ordered another (larger) tin of the Elbow Butter. I was skeptical at first but now I’m a believer. Thank you Blissful Dog for making my dog feel blissful!