Costume Tips for a Fun Halloween for You and Your Dog

Keep Halloween From Being Hell-O-Ween for Your Dog

#1 – If your dog absolutely HATES being dressed up, don't make them. Take one picture and take it off of them. Tell people your dog's a selfie magnet and invite them to snap a pic with them.

#2 – If your dog will be wearing the wittiest, most fabulous, carefully thought out costume EVER, here are a few tips to help it be more fun for everyone

Costume Fit Tip - Have a dress rehearsal before Halloween and make sure your dog can...

  1. SEE
  2. HEAR
  3. SIT
  4. STAND
  5. WALK
  6. PEE 

Costume Safety Tip - Make sure the costume has no small pieces your dog, another dog or even a child could pull off and swallow.

#3 – Have Fun! But, if the Halloween garb stops being fun for your dog –  take the costume off immediately. 

Fun, funky, viral dog costumes are a blast for us all to see, but a safe halloween dog costume is the #1 priority.

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