Connecting With Veterinarians

Meeting & Greeting at Veterinarian Conferences

For the last couple of years we've been exhibiting at several Veterinarian Trade shows/Conferences here in the Midwest. It's a great opportunity to get The Blissful Dog Products out in front of veterinarians, office managers and vet techs.

We've been thrilled to have met so many veterinarians who are as passionate about all natural good stuff for their dogs as we are. With the rise in antibiotic resistance, many vets are prescribing antibiotics less often and they are searching for natural alternatives they can trust.

One of them, Dr. Deneen Fasano, we met at the American Holistic Veterinarian Conference in Columbus, Ohio and had a great chat. To our delight, she mentioned The Blissful Dog in a recent blog post...enjoy!

10 Natural Products for Pets Under $20

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