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The Blissful Dog of the Day is a Cat! Meet Caysee

4 min read

The Blissful Dog of the Day is a Cat! Meet Caysee

Today's Blissful Dog of the Day is Actually A Cat!

Of course, we have no species bias here at The Blissful Dog. We want your cat, hedgehog, pig, marmot or yak to be blissful. In the spirit of inclusivity for 2019, we honor Caysee the Cat as The Blissful Dog of the Day!

The Blissful Dog: Thank you so much for sharing Caysee's story with us. And congratulations on being the first Blissful Dog of the Day who is a Cat.

Fill us in the basics...what is your cat's name. Full name, if applicable registered name and any nicknames.

A: Caysee Sue Sanchez a/k/a Sugar or Suga a/k/a Mow Mow or Mrrrr (if she’s talking to me).

The Blissful Dog: Now that is an impressive, and varied, list of nicknames. Tell us the meet-cute story? Were you running errands and happened to pass a rescue group hosting an adoption day? Your eyes met and it was love at first sight? Even if your son moved to Australia and couldn’t take his cat and that’s how you ended up with your buddy, we want to know!

A: My mom’s coworker rescued Caysee from some kids who were being mean to a litter of kittens (she was the only kitten found).  She lived in the country and wanted to keep Caysee as an inside cat but her husband wouldn’t let her.  She tried finding Caysee another home, and my mom even pushed me to take her.  I wasn’t ready after having lost my other cat to an unexpected illness not long before, so my coworker actually offered to take Caysee.  I was the go-between so I met my parents to get Caysee for my coworker, but I fell in love immediately and asked my coworker if I could keep her instead.  She said “of course” and the rest is history.      

The Blissful Dog: Excuse me, I'll BRB, have to grab a tissue, I must have something in my eye. What a sweet beginning to a meant-to-be adventure.

We are so not age-ist here, so can you share how old Caysee is? If you know her birthday, let us know.

 A: Caysee is 14.  I don’t know her exact birthdate so I picked September 14, 2004. 

The Blissful Dog: Ah, a Virgo! Caysee must be quite the perfectionist, with a sensitive and sincere nature. A Virgo cat makes me smile.

Is Caysee your only pet? If not fill us in on her housemates. Do they get along? Who is Top Boss?

A: Caysee is our oldest furbaby, and she shares her home with four other pets – Champ (10 y/o cat), Carlos (8 y/o cat), Cobee (3 y/o cat), and Cora (1.5 y/o Chihuahua) – all were either strays or rescues.  Everyone gets along for the most part but there are the occasional games of chase and minor cat fights.  Caysee definitely rules the roost though.  

The Blissful Dog: What is the funniest thing your cat ever did? Did they paper the house with an entire 12-pack of Charmin’s finest? Or did they drag out the contents of your clothes hamper to show your dinner party guests?

A: When Caysee was a kitten, she somehow managed to jump into the open toilet before I had a chance to put the lid down and flush.  She was not at all happy that she got a second bath that morning . . . after her first “bath”. 

The Blissful Dog: (Note: our questions are written with dogs in mind, but we so loved the description of a cat in obedience class. Has your dog ever taken an obedience class? Class clown or class star?

A: If obedience classes were a thing for cats, Caysee would be terrible at it.  She does what she wants when she wants. 

The Blissful Dog: If you could tell Caysee one thing and know they 100% understood, what would it be?

A: We understand that she’s the queen, it’s her house, and we all just live there and serve her.  

The Blissful Dog: Does Caysee have any silly habits or idiosyncrasies? What is that funny little thing your cat does that always makes you smile?

A: In the evenings, Caysee will play with one of her favorite toys.  It’s a soft, furry ball, and she’ll run around with it in her mouth and meow/cry at the same time.  She’ll also drop it from time to time and bat it around.  It’s the cutest thing ever but she’ll stop the second she realizes she’s being watched. 

The Blissful Dog: Here’s your chance - Share anything you care to about Caysee

A: Caysee was such a sick and scraggly kitten when I took her in (covered in fleas and an upper respiratory infection), and she grew into such a beautiful cat.  She has the cutest personality, when she wants to show it off, and she has turned into such a daddy’s girl once my husband earned her approval (had her before we met).