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Do you remember when eBay first hit the scene? Maybe I'm dating myself a bit, but I remember that rush of excitement I felt when someone told me about eBay and I clicked away. I searched "French Bulldogs" and dozens of way-cool items I wanted popped up. Back then it was virtually all collectibles...chalkware Frenchies, porcelain French Bulldogs and the random book. Nothing was new or mass produced. It was like an online antique store.

The algorithms were not as sophisticated as they are now. So, we had all these tricks like search via French Bulldog AND French BulldogS (seems so silly now). Plus, lots of the small antique stores and flea market fiends did not know what a French Bulldog WAS, so lots of Frenchie stuff was listed under Boxer or Boston Terrier or even Pug. Those of us who were Frenchie fanatics would search under ALL of those terms (and the plurals) to find the elusive Frenchie treasures.

Of course, eBay now is more of a general store and less of an antique shop and one has to dig through ETSY and other sources to find the treasures. In its heyday eBay was the great untapped source for those of us with the passion to sift through it.

Throughout the world there are collectors and then there are COLLECTORS. Some of my Frenchie friends have entire ROOMS dedicated to their collections. Display case after display case line the walls and every square inch of wall space is covered with artwork. 

Recently I met the curator of, Eiffion Ashdown. If you love Bulldogs, dog collectibles or BOTH it is worth a click. Go ahead and fix a cup of tea, as you will be lost in Bulldog collectible land for a while!