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Brows The Most Blissful Berner is The Blissful Dog of the Day

2 min read

Brows The Most Blissful Berner is The Blissful Dog of the Day

The Blissful Dog of the Day - Brows The Bernese Mountain Dog 

It is with great fanfare (drumroll, please), that we introduce our Blissful Dog of the Day...BROWS!

Brows generously took time out of his Berner day to share a bit of what makes Brows so Berner bodacious. We're very grateful Melissa was kind enough to share Brows story, as Brows was occupied with a cookie on his nose. Grab a cup of tea and get to know Brows.

Q: Tell us about Brows, his personal stats, his fave activities and all the Berner Scoop.

Our 2 1/2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, Brows, is a big 100 lb lap dog that loves attention, treats, and most of all family time. 

Q: How did you meet Brows? Was he a bouncing baby Berner? Or a big boy?

We went to a breeder that had 3 available Berner pups. When making that very important decision it was time for the 3 pups to come meet their possible new owners. 2 of them were wandering around the room on their own, however, one of the cute pups decided to come tackle his potential new mommy and pounce on her to let her know HE was the ONE! After about 10 minutes and wanting to take all 3 home, I think we all know who the lucky pup was to go home. 

Q: Does Brows have an ultimate favorite treat?

CHEESE! Brows loves his treats and car rides but most of all he loves his CHEESE!

Q: Is he a Momma's Boy or Daddy's Darling?

He is extremely attached to human mom (Melissa) as noted from the very first time he saw me. He loves talking back at his Daddy when he gets corrected.

Q: We're sure Brows very, very rarely gets corrected, as he strikes us as one very Blissful Dog. Thank you for sharing Brows with everyone! Tell Brows his Blissful Goodies are on their way. Sorry, no cheeses, but we think he'll be pleased.