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Be a Nose Butter Ninja

3 min read

Be a Nose Butter Ninja

Not a Stone Cold Heavy Hands Hulk When Applying Your Dog's Nose Butter

Some dogs could care less what you do to them. Those are the dogs you see on Instagram dressed as Marie Antoinette for Halloween. And then there are those who do NOT want to be messed with. You know the ones.

The dog who screeches at decibel 159 when they SEE the nail clippers. The dog who can flip, twist and twirl like a deranged Cirque de Soliel performer. The dog who can hide in a New York one bedroom apartment so well you cannot find them when it is bath time.

For those dogs you need to use stealthy, ninja skills to quickly, quietly apply their Nose Butter. You will so deft they may not even realize what has happened!

But first, let's look at WHY some dogs loathe having anything done.

Some dogs do not like to be restrained. Half of their fight or flight options have been taken away and they get even more spooked. Maybe they were held tightly as a puppy or had an unfortunate session of being controlled inappropriately.

I have never worn a full turtleneck again after an ugly episode in the 3rd grade when my mother had to cut me out of a turtleneck that got stuck on my big head. It didn't help that I threw up in the middle of my self-induced drama while still stuck in it.

Toy dogs know they are small and don't like being handled roughly. They can twist and flip and contorts themselves into unimaginable positions to get out of having something done.

Flat-faced dogs also do not usually like having their heads controlled. They already have restricted breathing and nature tells them to protect their breathing at all costs! 

Of course, there are dogs who just want to be the boss. A battle of wills with an upset, uber-stubborn Bulldog usually ends with all parties covered in slobber, throw-up and panting. 

Let's do this the calm, cool easy a Nose Butter Ninja. Shinobi Shozoku ninja armor outfit not required, but if you gotta have those split toe boots, go for it. 

Nose Butter Ninja Stealth Techniques

First, stay calm. If you are frustrated with your dog, stop and try again another time. Breathe like the Nose Butter Zen Master you are.

Warm the product by putting in pocket or rubbing it in your palm. Get it really soft, but not melted.

Depending on the type of dog you have, gently hold the side of their face with one hand and dab product on quickly with the other.

A firm, not tight hold will control them for the 2-3 seconds required to apply.

Then give them a treat. Peanut butter on a wooden spoon is great. We also recommend peanut butter (or any nut butter) on a Nylabone. The bumpy dinosaurs are great, as the peanut butter gets down in the bits. You don't need a gimmicky contraption, a spoon or a paper plate. 

You can also feed their dinner, go for a walk, throw a ball. Anything they love that keeps their attention.

Let them keep their feet on the floor, for tiny dogs the sofa works. This allows them to instinctively know they have the flight option open and they are less likely to struggle or fight again you.

Some of you may be thinking why does this process deserves so much attention. You probably have one of the aforementioned dogs who knows obedience hand signals and is the envy of all at the dog park. Some of us let our dogs get away with everything and then they weighed more than we do...guilty.

Share any great techniques you have with us!