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Announcing The Blissful Dog Breeders Program

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Announcing The Blissful Dog Breeders Program

The Blissful Dog Breeder's Puppy Program

Every Puppy Deserves a Blissful Life

We're delighted to launch our newest program created to enrich our dog's lives. Anyone who has welcomed a new puppy into their hearts and homes knows how critical it is to start them off right. From the best food to appropriate toys for their age and size to health and grooming products based on their breed or coat/body type having good advice makes navigating the abundance of info (overwhelming abundance) easier. 

The Blissful Dog Breeders Program is geared toward those dog breeders who are responsibly breeding dogs and carefully placing puppies into the very best home for  each puppy's needs. 

FYI - We are working on the logistics of a similar program for shelter/rescue dogs. Of course we support ALL dogs purebred and mixed enjoying a blissful life.

We are all united in our love for all dogs, our passion for each puppy having the best life possible and as a voice for the responsible treatment for all dogs.

Our Blissful Puppy Program helps responsible breeders provide new puppy homes with some of the tools they need to ensure their puppy fulfills their bliss potential. More info found here.

If you are a dog breeder who fits in with this mission, we invite you to learn more here.