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50 Things To Do With Your Dog In An Hour

50 Things To Do With Your Dog in an Hour

50 Things to Do With Your Dog In An Hour

When was the last time you had an hour to yourself? An extra hour of time has become that most precious of commodities in our hectic lives. Seldom do most of us allow ourselves to just BE, let alone purposefully carve out an hour to spend with our dogs.

Admittedly, I am one of those always busy people and don't see my basic hard-wiring changing. So, I can feel your resistance - an HOUR, a whole hour? Yes, take an hour an enjoy being with your dog, it will be oh, so worth it.

To get you started, here are 50 Fun and Thought-Provoking Things You Can Do With Your Dog in an Hour...enjoy. Please leave a comment with any additions you have! 

Enjoy! 50 Ways to Spend an Hour With Your Dog

  1. Sit and pet your dog without doing anything else
  2. Schedule a session with an animal communicator
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Go to the dog park
  5. Throw their ball
  6. Teach them how to "Sit" 
  7. Brush your dog 
  8. Cut your dog's toenails
  9. Go to their annual vet exam
  10. Have a canine chiropractic session
  11. Swab their cheek and have their DNA tested
  12. Bake your dog homemade dog treats
  13. Take your dog for a ride
  14. Write them a letter to read to them on their birthday
  15. Go through your pictures of your dog
  16. Schedule an appointment with a professional dog photographer for a portrait of your dog
  17. Have your favorite pictures made into a photo book
  18. Have greeting cards made out of your fave pictures
  19. Print some of the photos yourself and start a scrapbook of your dog
  20. Take MORE pictures of your dog
  21. Start themes for your dog's photos - holidays, seasonal, etc.
  22. Take a nap with your dog
  23. Create a separate Wishlist on Amazon for your dog's goodies
  24. Set-up Subscriptions for monthly deliveries for your dog
  25. Write a poem or short story about your dog
  26. Go through their toys and get rid of any that need to go
  27. Then go to pet store with your dog and get more toys
  28. Visit our Dog Quotes page and download your faves
  29. Then Google "Dog Quotes" or "Quotes about dogs" and find more dog quotes
  30. Research dog-friendly vacation spots
  31. Google your dog's breed history or visit -  Mixed breed? Check out what your best guess is for your dog's mix of dog breeds
  32. Create a Pinterest board in honor of your dog
  33. Create a dream board or collage with pictures of your dog as a start
  34. Write a list of 10 Things To Do With Your Dog using some of these ideas (or others)
  35. Visit a reputable rescue group of your dog's breed or animal shelter online and donate something - even $5 - in your dog's name
  36. Consider other ways you can help dogs in need; the Amazon Smile program donate to your fave charity with every purchase you make.
  37. Pet your dog for ten minutes without stopping, then enjoy their expression of utter contentment
  38. Let your inner artist out and draw or paint a portrait of your dog. You don't have to EVER show it to anyone, just enjoy capturing some part of your dog on paper
  39. Take a silly video of your dog just being themselves 
  40. Sign-up for an obedience class
  41. Check out agility classes, if your dog has energy galore
  42. Create a Pinterest Board with your fave recipes for your dog
  43. If the weather is warm, make them some doggie ice treats
  44. If weather is cold, make your dog warm biscuits from scratch
  45. Pick a dog related subject you've always wanted to know more about and allow yourself the luxury of exploring online or at the actual library
  46. Wash your dog's beds, blankets, toys etc.
  47. Contact your senator and legislator and urge them to start a bill or vote for any bills banning dog fighting or stiffer penalties for those who participate (see what laws are in your area first)
  48. Meditate with your dog - start with a few minutes and see where it takes you
  49. Create a Treasure Hunt for your dog! Hide a few treats and toys in fun paces for your dog to find. If calories are a concern use pieces of cauliflower, broccoli, etc.
  50. This one is a repeat, but it bears repeating - sit with your dog and completely immerse yourself in being with them. Enjoy their breath, their happy eyes, their sweet dog smile, their paw pads...remember you are the most important thing on earth to your dog

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