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Bliss Bits Info | Boo Boo Butter | It Just Works!

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The Boo Boo Butter Verbiage Journey

My team and I absolutely adore Boo Boo Butter. We use it on our dogs, cats, horses, cattle, goats, yaks, rabbits and of course, ourselves. But, we have struggled to find the right words to describe this product, the exact verbiage that is appropriate for an ecommerce website, yet still conveys the power of this herbal balm remedy for dog/pet skin irritation.

We've gotten calls and emails from so many customers who tell us it is all that works on their, or their child's, Eczema or Psoriasis. Of course we can't tout Boo Boo Butter cures all eczema, just sharing what has worked for our customers. Though I will share this one, Ashley, the backbone of The Blissful Dog, had some calves break with ringworm. She applied Boo Boo Butter to half of the affected calves and her dad used conventional medicine. Guess which group of calves were better first? Yep, Ashley's! 

There are words makers are not supposed to use about human skin care products, like CURE or RESTORE and a slew more words that the government has deemed move a product into medicine-land. So, describing Boo Boo Butter accurately has been a conundrum. 

Basically, we want to convey how FABULOUS Boo Boo Butter is without using incorrect verbiage or terminology. Here's my answer!

Boo Boo Butter is Miraculously Magical

OK, maybe I'll scale it back to Boo Boo Butter - IT JUST WORKS. There, verbiage conundrum solved!

Boo Boo Butter…It Just Works!

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