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All Natural Skin Care for Your Dog's Minor Skin Irritations

FAQs & The Philosophy of Boo Boo Butter

Calm the Itch & Allow Healing to Begin

Boo Boo Butter soothes and calms your dog's minor skin irritations.

Those skin issues that need extra attention, but are not an emergency.

No artificial ingredients, no synthetics, no petroleum by-products, nothing you cannot pronounce, just good stuff to support your dog's healing process.

By breaking the cycle of itch, scratch, bite, gnaw, your dog will leave the area alone and allow healing to begin.

Antibiotic resistance is on the rise in humans and our pets. Antibiotics are powerful medicines and need to only be used when definitely needed.

Boo Boo Butter provides soothing, calming relief with absolutely no worries about antibiotic overuse.

All Natural Ingredients

• Shea butter
• olive oil
• almond oil
• coconut oil
• neem oil
• argan oil
• castor oil
• cocoa seed butter
• avocado oil
• beeswax
• Infusions of Chamomile, Calendula, Comfrey and St. John’s Wort Oil
• Dash of Essential Oils (Cedarwood, Cypress, Lavender and Orange)

My team and I absolutely adore Boo Boo Butter. We use it on our dogs, cats, horses, cattle, goats, yaks, rabbits, chickens and of course, ourselves.

But, we have struggled to find the right words to describe this product, the exact verbiage that is appropriate for an ecommerce website, yet still conveys the power of this herbal balm remedy for dog/pet skin irritation.

Boo Boo Butter is our handcrafted, all-natural, rich salve/balm/ointment remedy for any minor skin irritation that needs extra support and attention.

That pretty much says it all, but it almost seems too over-worked.

Continued in next tab!

The Conundrum

There are words that we as makers are not supposed to use about human skincare products, like CURE or RESTORE and a slew more words that the government has deemed move a product into medicine-land. (BTW-We hold The Blissful Dog to human quality standards).

So, describing Boo Boo Butter accurately has been a conundrum. 

Basically, we want to convey how FABULOUS Boo Boo Butter is without using incorrect verbiage or terminology. Here's my answer!

Boo Boo Butter is Miraculously Magical

OK, maybe I'll scale it back to Boo Boo Butter - IT JUST WORKS. There, verbiage conundrum solved!

Boo Boo Butter…It Just Works!

We've had many an industry expert question why we offer so many dog breed labels. Sometimes they shook their heads and muttgered under their breath about what a waste of time.

Here is why we still do 125+ dog breed labels. The immense range in size, coat types, color, purpose amongst dogs has always fascinated me. In evolutionary terms humans have managed to manipulate and tweak a wolf's DNA into dogs as varied as Pugs, Poodles, Chihuahuas and Mastiffs.

The sheer tenacity of doing genetic manipulation of this range before the internet, telephones or pencil and paper has always astounded me.

Thus, we offer 125+ dog breed labels to celebrate this incredible diversity among dog breeds. The labels also allow us to share that sense of wonder and awe with our customers by offering so many breed labels.

Plus, it give us warm, tingly feelings to share a small symbol of our love for dogs with like-minded dog lovers.