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Your Blissful Puppy's Curated Collection

golden retriever puppy with flowers

Puppies Are Heavenly Bundles of Mischief, Love, and Potential

Of course, puppies come to us as wee babies and it is our job to make sure they are safe, happy, healthy and their minds and bodies are cared for properly.  

Here are a few of The Blissful Dog products we feel should be in your puppy's Cabinet of Cool Stuff and why.

Years ago I read to get down on puppy level in your home and look at the world from their point of view. Not only does this give us a better appreciation for what life is like at their level, but you might also discover a protruding nail or screw and save an injury! 

Relax Dog Aromatherapy for Frightened Puppies

A gentle spritz of Relax Dog Aromatherapy prior to the grandkids coming over for the first time or that first trip to the vet can do wonders for the stress levels for all. The gentle blend of essential oils in all-natural carriers tenderly helps smooth the rough edges of fear and anxiety. 

Gentle Touch Puppy Shampoo or Soap for Positive First Bathing Experiences

Bathing your puppy will be much easier if you get them used to it while they are still small and manageable. I swore I was going to bathe and brush my Floofer girls all the time when they were in the under 75-pound range. Guess what? They blew past that mark before I knew it and now one is 160-ish and one is 140 and strong. I should have heeded my own advice. 

Gentle Touch is our well, gentle shampoo that is ideal for puppies, seniors, and dogs with tender skin. 

Paw Butter for Puppy Soft Paws

By handling their paws from the time they are small your puppy will grow to trust you more. Their paws are their #1 method of defense. Yep, good old Fight or Flight both require their paws to be free. By handling their paws and showing them you can be trusted there will be fewer battles when nail trimming time comes. Bliss Tip! Start paw massages when they are young so they are used to it well before nails are trimmed. Build that trust first!

Nose Butter

If your puppy is one of the breeds with a tendency toward having a dry nose it is a good idea to get them used to that while they are still young. Of course, not every Pug develops a dry nose, but the odds are they will. 

Shop by Dog Breed

One of the fun things we offer is your choice of over 125 dog breeds for you to choose from. The products that have dog breed label choices are Nose Butter, Relax Dog Aromatherapy, Boo Boo Butter, and a few others. Remember, Nose Butter for your Chihuahua is the same as Nose Butter for your Saint Bernard. Here's the link to Shop By Dog Breed.