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Age Well Senior Support Combo

senior dog care

The Best Friends Are Old Friends ~ Age Well Gift Combo for Your Senior Dog

Caring for your aging dog can require a bit of well-worth it effort. We've put together a combo of products we use and recommend for senior dogs.

Old Friends Senior Dog Combo Kit

Our Senior Support Collection has several of our fave products to use on our own aging dogs. As our gift, we're including a 2 oz bottle of Simply Everything Fresh Deodorizing Spray. Little Friend Combo reg.60.75-Combo price 39.95 | Big Buddy Combo reg. 67.95-Combo price 49.95.

NO H20 Spray Shampoo for Seniors

Keeping your senior dog smelling fresh is an important part of the holiday season. When they look and smell fresh everyone will enjoy their company and you won't have to hear "Your old dog stinks" from your nephew.

  • Ideal for Senior Pets - Your older flat-faced friend may not need a bath, but the face needs a refresher
  • A must for traveling with your senior - use for a freshen-up while on-the-go
  • Use during cooler seasons (no getting chilled when going out)
  • Freshen your senior more frequently so they can be a pleasant part of holiday festivities

Gentle Touch Senior Shampoo

Gentle Touch Senior Dog Shampoo lives up to its name, it gently cleanses your senior dog.

  • Tearless & Hypo-allergenic
  • Certified organic rose hips oil
  • Silk protein and vitamin-enriched
  • Gentle Mandarin Jasmine & Honey Fragrance
  • Dilutes up to 10:1

Age Well Senior Dog Aromatherapy

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy supports and assists your senior dog mentally and emotionally as they age…naturally. Many dogs, just like people, begin to show forgetfulness or a lack of awareness of their surroundings as they age.

Age Well provides cognitive support for your dog to help them relax and feel calmer while encouraging them to stay focused and in the moment, as it lifts their mood and balances the ragged edges. Visit here for articles on helping your dog age peacefully.

  • All-natural and organic ingredients used
  • Handcrafted by The Blissful Dog
  • .45 ounce Plastic Roll-on Bottle 2.7 oz Aluminum Spray Mist Bottle
  • 3 Old Friends label
  • Tucked in a gift bag with complete usage info brochure
Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Product Info

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Product Info

  • .45 oz Roll-On Bottle
  • 2.7 oz Aluminum Spray Bottle
  • Combo of Roll-On & Spray Bottle
  • Your Choice of Senior Dog Breed Label
  • Complete Directions Brochure
Age Well Ingredients
  • Cedarwood grounds & reduces panic
  • Cypress soothes frazzled emotions
  • Frankincense quiets anxiety
  • Lavender classic calming
  • Vetiver stress relief
  • Bergamot uplifts and balances
  • Myrrh relieves agitation, balances
  • Ylang Ylang balances overstretched nerves, uplifts
  • Grapefruit enlivens the mind
  • Rosemary promotes mental clarity
  • Blood Orange uplifts depression and levels mood swings
  • Roll-on carrier - organic jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil
  • Spray carrier - distilled water and emulsifier
Using Age Well Dog Aromatherapy

Using Age Well Dog Aromatherapy

  • Begin application of Age Well when your dog exhibits confusion, anxiety, stress
  • Reassure your dog in a calm manner
  • Reapply Age Well as needed
  • Use roll-on and spray together to amplify results

Using Age Well Roll-on 

  • Roll on inside dog's ears or on belly
  • Roll onto your hands and pet your dog
  • Reapply as needed

Using Age Well Spray

  • Shake Age Well gently before using
  • Spritz over dog's body - ears back
  • Or spray onto hands and pet dog
  • Or spray on washcloth or paper towel and rub dog
  • Spray beds, crate & inside vehicle
  • Reapply as needed
Aging Blissfully

Tips for Accommodating Your Aging Senior Dog

From keeping exercise expectations real to grooming tips and suggestions, The Blissful Dog has tips for how to make life even better for your aging dog.

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More Info On Using Aromatherapy For Your Dog 

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The links below take you to Google Drive Folder for Free PDF Downloads

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Ingredients Gentle Touch Shampoo

Shampoo Ingredients

Water, Coconut Derived Cleansers (Ammonium Laureth Sulfate & Coco Betaine), Oat & Silk Proteins, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe), Rosa Robigiosa (Rose Hips), Vitamins (A, C, E), Amodimethicone, Disodium EDTA , Glyceryl Stearate, Citric Acid and Fragrance (Botanical Essence of Mandarin Orange, Jasmine and Honey).

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