Strut Dog Cologne for the Ruler of the Kingdom

STRUT Dog Cologne for the dog who saunters through life with a self-assured confidence

The dog who exudes a certain je ne sais quoi that cannot be defined...but is oh, so obvious

Strut is for the dog who oozes self-confidence. The dog who knows they are the ruler of their kingdom and handle that responsibility with a deft touch. 

This fragrance is a headier scent with the rich amaretto and tonka bean as the main component of the blend. Appropriate for boy or girl dog, day or night, for toy dog or terrier…Strut is all about attitude.

Strut shares the depth of anise seed, tonka bean, brown sugar and amaretto. With a wee bit of the brightness of lily, cherry, cranberry and lemon. Think  L'Homme Ideal by Guerlain or Diesel Loverdose Tattoo. This is a more opulent, richer fragrance.

Strut refreshes your dog's aroma, detangles their coat and imbues them with self-confidence, as you would expect.

Available in 4, 8, 16 oz mister spray bottles and US Gallons (gallons ship free within USA).

Crafted With: Aqua (water), Cationic Conditioners including Hydrolyzed Silk Protein and Amodimethicone, Glycerin, Botanical Extracts - Rosemarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Extract), Matriciaria Chamomilla (Chamomile), Araleaceae (Ginseng), Rosa Robigiosa (Rose Hips), Salvia Officonalis (Sage), Vitamins (A,D,E), Preservative, Botanical Essence Blend; Amaretto, Aniseed, Lemon and Cranberry, Cherry, Lily, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bean and Brown Sugar. 

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