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Quintessential Dog Relax Dog Aromatherapy

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Relax Dog Aromatherapy Calms Your Anxious Dog

Relax Dog Aromatherapy

Years ago aromatherapy for dogs was considered a bit woo-woo. Info was hard to find and books were few (yes, books). Now, in the information abundance age there is almost too much info to be found. 

What We Know To Be True

• Use only quality essential oils, never fragrance oils*
• Dilute, dilute, dilute
• Find resources you can trust
• Do not use fragrance oils on your pet - either straight or diluted

Our aromatherapy blends have been diluted to a safe range for usage on all dogs, from Chihuahua puppies to adult Mastiffs.

*Fragrance oils are great for candles and human cleaning products, but NOT for usage on pets or yourself. They are only to make a candles, cleaning products etc. smell good.

Begin application of Relax Dog Aromatherapy before, or as soon as possible after onset of trigger (Before fireworks or thunderstorms start)
• Calmly reassure your dog
• Reapply as needed
• Use Spray and Roll-on together for maximum effectiveness

Bliss Tip!You can also spray Relax on your dog's bedding, in their crate, a towel or small blanket or even a stuffed toy.

This can give them comfort whil maintaining the release of more Relax.

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It's OK to Go, Quality of Life Chart & Dog Aromatherapy by Kathy Dannel Vitcak

• Dog Chakra System
• Balancing Dog's Chakras

Most of the emotional balancing our dogs need stems from these core basic needs; our dogs need to feel grounded, relaxed and present to feel safe.

For dogs, feeling safe is the #1 most important. If they do not feel safe, they won't let their guard down and are on alert. Just as we don't do well under long, never-ending times of stress at work/relationships/family/life neither do oiur dogs.

Of course some breeds seem to be more confident than others. Early dog breeders selected characteristics they bred for, just as is done today. Early breeders would have looked for qualities such as fearlessness, brute strength, ability to withstand cold, etc and bred those dogs together.

Dogs are as individual as we are as to what triggers us, as we touched on earlier. You may have timid and bold puppies in the same litter of any breed.

The essence of Relax is to calm your dog's anxiety and allow them to relax and feel safe. You and your dog deserve to not dread the 4th of July or a thunderstorm as if aliens were invading!

Note from Kathy (Founder). One of the things I adore about what I do for The Blissful Dog is the graphic design/website. When I found the image of the boy and the Pug (right), my heart melted and I knew that shot represented the human/dog bond. The look on the boy's face as he reassures the scared Pug is the essence of love. Enjoy!

What do you think of when you smell turkey baking? Thanksgiving with family, possibly. What about the smell of a barn? Riding horses at your cousins farm. Smells evoke so many connections for memories for us, imagine how much more intense that is for our dogs!

You can use the scent of Relax to act as a shortcut for your dog to feeling safe. This next exercise can be done when you first begin using Relax Dog Essential Oils. You can create a connection for your dog between a feeling of safety and security and the smell of the Relax. The scent becomes a “shortcut” that calms your dog more quickly.

Creating The Scent Shortcut

• Find a quiet spot where your dog feels safe and secure
• Block out this time for you and your dog (phone off)
• Roll/spray some Relax Dog Aromatherapy on your hands and gently pet your dog
• Then roll/spray the Relax on your dog’s belly or inside ears
• Continue to sit with them and allow the connection to grow
• If you are comfortable with this next step, imagine them feeling safe and secure
• Sit with them as long as you wish

Repeat, if you feel you need to.

Remember, Relax Dog Aromatherapy will not act like a sedative on your dog. Our goal is to take the edge off your dog's heightened emotional state and allow them to be calmer until the stressful situation is over.

A sniff of Relax is not going to have your dog dancing with glee during the 4th of July fireworks. We do hope they are less frantic, more relaxed and able to withstand the scary time more easily.

Of course, each dog will react differently, some may be slightly less stressed, some will completely relax and some may have no reaction at all.

Watch for nuances of reaction in your dog. Some dogs respond to the first usage and others may take a couple of instances. Give it a few tries.

Think of it like how some people take Benadryl and are drowsy, others become hyper and others have no visible effects at all.

In our opinion, it is worth it to try the less invasive, more natural and relatively inexpensive route of essential oils for calming your dog before moving onto medical options.

Of course, you can use Relax with a compression garment, calming chews or other related calming aids. Our deepest wish is for Relax to give you, your dog and your friends and family relief from applicable stressful situations.

Customer Reviews

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Sandra Dobbins
The right solution

Our dog has separation anxiety. We've tried any number of solutions. Relax/Blissful Dog works great!! We are so appreciative!!

Rhonda shepherd

Quintessential Dog Relax Dog Aromatherapy