Pug Tube Combo

Build Your Own Pug Tube Combo - Nose Butter + Paw Butter + Boo Boo Butter + Elbow Butter + Bug Off Butter

Try FOUR of our Butters in convenient .15 oz lip balm-sized tubes. Mix & Match any way your Pug's heart desires!

Like many of their flatter-faced canine cousins, Pugs often have dry, crusty, crud noses. Plus, rough paws, bug bites and the occasional itchy skin annoyance can also trouble Pugs. With our Pug Nose to Tail Tube Combo Kit you can Mix and Match your choice of any four (4) .15 oz tubes, customized for your Pug's unique needs. 

Pug Tube Combo 

  • Choice of any (4) four .15 oz tubes
  • Choose from Nose Butter, Paw Butter, Elbow Butter, Boo Boo Butter or Bug Off Butter
  • Nose Butter features your choice of three Pug labels; Pug Duo, Black or Fawn
  • Nose Butter options -  unscented or lightly scented
  • Boo Boo Butter has Pug Puppy Ouch! Label
  • Bug Off Butter has adorbs Pug Bug label
  • Paw Butter and Elbow Butter as shown
  • Includes tips, hints and directions brochure

Customer Reviews

Based on 307 reviews
Great Stuff

Got rid of the Dry Nose

It is a great product!!!

It really helped our pug’s crusty/dry nose. It is easy to use and I love it!

Wonderful news! We are so glad our Nose Butter is helping out your dog! - Kathy
Great Product

It's working great on my dog's nose, she's really not a fan of having it put on her, but we get the job done. She's not licking it off!

That is great to hear! Thank you for letting us know how our Nose Butter has been helping your dog! - Kathy
The pug nose butter is great!

The nose butter is working very well on my three pugs. I have noticed a huge difference in their noses!

Thank you

This is the BEST picture - how did you get them all to sit so perfectly? -Kathy
I think you make fantastic products

I use the Nose Butter all the time, as I have four geriatrics brachycephalic dogs. Two of which I apply Nose Butter every other day. It works perfectly. The other two I use the Nose Butter occasionally. I love this product.

Wonderful! Thank you for taking time out of your day to let us know how our Nose Butter is working for your pups! - Kathy
Great Product

Made his nose soft and black. No more cracked dry nose and easy to use.

That's great to hear! We are so glad our Nose Butter has been helping your pup! - Kathy

At first hesitated purchasing your Pug Nose Butter because I couldn’t see it in person. So glad I ordered the 3-pack! We often use a wood-burning stove to heat our house during the winter, making the air in our house dry even with a humidifier. My dogs noses were always dry. I used the nose butter two days in a row, twice each day and had four happy little noses. I was so impressed that I tried it on my lips and love it! Even though my dogs licked some of it off, it still worked! I use it twice a day on them. I will be ordering more!

That is great to hear! We are so glad that our Nose Butter has been helping your pup feel better! Thank you for the wonderful review! - Kathy
great product!

it never fails when I need to use it on my black pug! I've been using it for a few years and Brunello even allows me to apply it generously, or however much is called for at the time of application!

Thank you so much for being a loyal (and valued) customer. Give Brunello a big hug and an extra treat from us. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind review. It means a lot to us. -Kathy
My Pug's nose is completely healed WITHOUT surgery!

"I just wanted to let you know how much we a appreciate your product! I left a great review on Amazon where I purchased but I also wanted to leave one on your website. Keep up the great work!

"Our vet told us our Pug would need surgery in order to get rid of the crust that was growing on her nose. Never owning a pug before I believed him and began saving up for the expensive surgery. After doing a little research I stumbled upon stories about pugs and dry noses. More research led to Nose Butter and the various brands. I took a chance and purchased this one through Amazon.

"In only 1 month this was the before and after! My Pug's nose is completely healed WITHOUT surgery! I also sent this my vet to show that surgery was not needed. My poor dog was suffering while I was trying to save for this expensive unnecessary surgery that my vet told me was needed all while I just could have purchased this inexpensive product and had her nose healed in a month.

"Give it a try I promise it works! I swear by it! We are even trying the Paw Butter!"

S.V. - This review was emailed to The Blissful Dog with the request it be posted. We are glad to oblige ;-D

This is my 4th tin

Works Great!! Dry Nose Gone!

Great news! Thank you for letting us know! - Kathy

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