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Pekingese Fresh Face Wash

pekingese pet

Their Adorable Pekingese Face Will Be Kissably Fresh FAST!

Did you ever lean in to give your Peke a peck and wonder what that peculiar, funky smell was? You check your shoes, your Peke's paws, peeked under the sofa? Oh no, you suddenly realized your Peke's adorable face is hiding stinky, funky smells. No worries! We're here to help!

Dogs with beautiful, big expressive eyes and flat faces, like your Pekingese, often have trouble with excessive tearing. Tears can cause stains AND a smelly, sour odor. BLISS TIP! As you know, nothing topical will eliminate tear stains completely, except bleach and that's a hard no. The stained hair must grow out and/or be cut off to eliminate the stains completely. The good news is regular usage of Fresh Face Wash can help lessen the staining and help keep the new growth clean. Lots more info on this issue is found here - Tear Staining Bliss Tips. It is a multi-pronged process, but it does work.

  • Created for the unique needs of our flat-faced dogs, dogs with extra skin on their faces and dogs with large eyes that tear (Pekingese check most of the boxes)
  • Ideal for Senior Pets - Your senior dog does not need to be bathed as often, but that face needs a refresher
  • A must for traveling - use for a freshen-up while on-the-go
  • Dog Shows - Great for touch-up cleaning at events or canine competitions
  • Anytime your Peke needs a bit of freshness, reach for your Fresh Face Wash and just like that - a kissably fresh face!

Using Fresh Face Wash 

  • Saturate a washcloth or paper towel with Fresh Face Wash
  • Wipe face clean
  • Avoid eyes, while product won't harm eyes, it may sting
  • Drop mineral oil in eyes if desired
  • Gently towel/blot completely dry
  • Apply Boo Boo Butter to soothe and protect the tender area
  • Use as often as needed to keep your dog kissably clean 

Fresh Face Wash Product Info (More Below)

  • Quickly cleans flat faces (does not bleach away tear stains)*  Tear Stain page.
  • Clean faces are the 1st step in conquering tear stains
  • Non-drying formulation
  • Alcohol and Irritation free
  • Lightly scented with hint of Soft Mimosa
  • Safe for use on dogs and cats over six weeks of age

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