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Japanese Chin Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoo

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japanese chin dog shampoo

Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoo for the Japanese Chin-cess

The oh-so-refined epitome of canine graciousness and beauty is known as the Japanese Chin to us mere mortals.

  • The Japanese Chin whom requires a tiny red carpet to be rolled out in front of their  perfect feet never touch the dirty, dirrrtty ground
  • The Japanese Chin whom barely glances your way when you offer them a treat until you taste a bit first...who knows?
  • The Japanese Chim whom glares if you use the improper term for more than one Japanese Chin. No "S" is to mar the pristine perfection of the plural name Japanese Chin. One admire 42 Japanese Chin,never Japanese Chins!

Your Japanese Chin will revel in the luxury of Rich Bitch or Drama Queen Shampoo as it cleanses and clarifies, while adding softness, sheen, and a delicate blissful aroma of Jasmine and Honey with a hint of Fresh Apple. Only the best for your little diva! By the way, Rich Bitch and Drama Queen are the same formulations, one with a G-Rated label and the other PG-Rated.

Drama Queen & Rich Bitch Shampoo for the Darling Diva or Demanding Dude in Your Life