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Great Pyrenees Boo Boo Butter

Great Pyrenees skin care

Great Pyrenees Boo Boo Butter for Your Pyr's Minor Skin Issues 

For Your Great Pyrenees' Non-Emergency Skin Irritations

If your Great Pyrenees is anything like ours, they are either hard at work patrolling the property and  barking at real or potential intruders or they're sleeping. All that hard work can get Pyrs into more than their share of situations! Even with coats like polar bears, your Pyr can still end up with scratches, scrapes, itchy areas and other random irritations and abrasions. 

A Great Pyrenees with a small skin issue reminds me of that old Monty Python bit..."Tis but a flesh wound" and his arm was cut off. They would keep going, but we actually may know best. On a VERY few things, if you asked your Pyrs' opinion.

Our Great Pyrenees, Zoe, passed away last May and I know she was convinced the minute she left things would quickly go to hell in a hand-basket. She was right. We still miss her Great Pyrenees dignity and majesty.

Great Pyrenees Boo Boo Butter For Those Random Skin Irritations

  • Scratches,Scars, Scabs & Scrapes
  • Nicks, Cuts and Abrasions
  • Clipper/brush irritation
  • Irritated itchy skin
  • Crusty ear edges
  • Fungal & bacterial issues
  • Hot spot woes

Boo Boo Butter Product Info

Product Details

  • Individually handcrafted by The Blissful Dog
  • Available in tins - 1, 2, 4, 8 & 16 oz tins
  • Available in tubes 15 oz (lip balm size), .50 oz tubes
  • Includes complete directions booklet
  • Your Choice of Boo Boo Butter labels

Boo Boo Butter Ingredients

All Natural Ingredients

  • Shea butter
  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • neem oil
  • argan oil
  • castor oil
  • cocoa seed butter
  • avocado oil
  • beeswax 
  • Infusions of Chamomile, Calendula, Comfrey and St. John’s Wort Oil
  • Dash of Essential Oils (Cedarwood, Cypress, Lavender and Orange)

Using Boo Boo Butter

Product Usage

  • Warm product before using for faster absorption
  • DAB on your dog's affected area
  • DISTRACT to keep them from licking it off
  • REPEAT 2-3x daily for 1-3 days or until improvement
  • Use as needed for follow-up
  • Non-toxic, no active ingredients & no harm if licked

Container Sizes for Butters

Our products come in a lot of sizes because DOGS are in a lot of sizes. 

The Blissful dog tin sizes

Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews

I’ve used this product on two dogs, and myself, and it is wonderful. Helps with icky spots on dogs bellies and kitten scratches on human arms :)

Boo Boo Butter

I absolutely LOVE this product. I have a hairless Chinese Crested/Chihuahua and his skin was very dry no matter how much lotion I put on him. Plus he's only a year old and plays rough. The Boo Boo Butter has done wonders for his skin! And a little goes a long way. I'm very pleased with my purchase and will order again!!


His skin is amazing.


Pagan's nose

All I can say is WOW. The Boo Boo Butter is working on her elbows great. They aren't bleeding any more, but I've attached pics of her nose, before and after the Nose Butter (thank you, by the way!). I think she can smell better now. And this is after only a week. I'm so glad I found your website. I'm telling all my friends about you. And I will be ordering more of the shampoo as well.

Thank you so very much for the pictures. Those elbow issues can be tough, so we're thrilled she's doing better. Her picture made my day...that expression was priceless! She has to be a pleasure to live with. -Kathy PS - I'm still smiling looking at her! That stink eye is flawless.


my scotties are very happy

If your Scotties are happy...we are ecstatic! Hopefully any further mischief they get info will be helped by their Boo Boo Butter. Thanks for taking the time to send us a review. -Kathy


I use this for my dog, and horses. Works great to protect superficial wounds. Also is awesome on dry skin patches.

Thank you so much for sharing your review. Yep, we use Boo Boo Butter on our dogs, horses, donkeys and ourselves. It is a great moisturizer for beat up hands and feet ;-D -Kathy

Boo Boo butter for my Rottweiler!

My Rottweiler “Koko”, is happy and if he is happy I am. I started using the Boo Boo butter in couple of scrapes on her rear right leg at the knee level, within 48 hours it was healed and hair is coming back. Thank you for this product, continue with the great job!

We are right there with you...Koko's happiness is a big deal to us. Thrilled it worked so fast and the hair is already filling in. Thank you and tell Koko he is looking GOOD in his pic! -Kathy

Love it

Great 0


Excellent product. Please keep up the good work for the health of beloved pets.


Great products , fast shipping