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Flat-Coated Retriever Relax Dog Aromatherapy

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Is Your Flat-Coated Retriever Afraid of Thunderstorms? Fireworks? Being Alone?

Is your Flat-Coat one of those quietly confident dogs? The type who trots around like they have all the answers? But when thunderstorms start booming or fireworks begin popping, your normally self-assured Flat-Coat turns into a trembling, terrified dog, trying to climb into your lap. It is heartbreaking to see our dogs so frightened and scared.

You may even wonder why a dog bred for hunting would be afraid of loud noises? Field dogs are trained to anticipate the sound of gunshots when they see the hunters raise the gun, they know there will be a loud noise and prepare themselves. They get no warning for fireworks or thunder. The surprise of the loud sound scares them.

Relax Dog Aromatherapy uses a soothing blend of time-tested, safe essential oils to alleviate your dog's anxiety and reassure them that everything is going to be ok. While not a Doggie Downer (and not supposed to be), Relax Dog Aromatherapy does comfort your dog and allow them to make it through the scary event with less stress and terror. They may never enjoy the 4th of July fireworks display, but they will be able to make it through them without getting hurt or harming someone in their panic. 

Helping Your Dog's Stress, Anxiety, and Fears

Relax Ingredients Info

• Cedarwood grounds & reduces panic
• Cypress soothes frazzled emotions
• Frankincense quiets anxiety
• Lavender classic calming
• Vetiver stress relief
• Bergamot uplifts and balances
• Roll-on carrier - organic jojoba oil, grapeseed oil & sweet almond oil
• Spray carrier - distilled water & emulsifier 

• .45 oz Roll-On Bottle
• 2.7 oz Aluminum Spray Bottle
• Combo of Roll-On & Spray Bottle
• Your Choice of 125 Dog Breed Labels. Relax is the same recipe/formulation, the breed labels celebrate canine diversity

• Aromatherapy & Your Dog Overview
• Dogs & Aromatherapy Safety
• History of Aromatherapy

It's OK to Go, Quality of Life Chart & Dog Aromatherapy by Kathy Dannel Vitcak

• Dog Chakra System
• Balancing Dog's Chakras

Using Relax Dog Aromatherapy

Begin application of Relax before, or as soon as possible after onset of trigger (Before fireworks start)
• Calmly reassure your dog
• Reapply as needed
• Use Spray and Roll-on together for maximum effectiveness

Using Relax Spray

• Shake Relax gently before using

• Spritz over dog's body - ears back

• Or spray onto hands and pet dog

• Or spray on washcloth or paper towel and rub dog

• Spray beds, crate & inside vehicle

• Reapply as needed

• Roll on inside dog's ears

• Or on belly or any area with less coat

• Roll onto your hands

• Then pet your dog, stroking Relax into their coat

• Reapply as needed

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