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Chinese Shar-Pei Fresh Face Wash

chinese shar-pei face

Your Chinese Shar-Pei's Face Will Be Blissfully Fresh Fast!

Part of what makes your Chinese Shar-Pei so fascinating, that unique face, can be the source of discomfort for them and you! 

Dogs breeds, such as your Shar-pei, with heavier, somewhat shorter faces, and more pendulous jowls tend to develop issues with accumulating tears, food, water, and more in the creases. It can be musty-smelling and lead to fungal or bacterial issues. The good news is regular usage of Fresh Face Wash can help lessen those issues. 

  • Created for the unique needs of flat-faced dogs, dogs with pendulous facial skin, and dogs with excessive tearing.
  • Ideal for Senior Pets - Your senior dog does not need to be bathed as often, but their face may need a refresher
  • A must for traveling - use for a freshen-up while on-the-go
  • Dog Shows - Great for touch-up cleaning at events or canine competitions
  • Anytime your dog needs a bit of freshness, reach for your Fresh Face Wash and just like that - a kissably fresh face!

Using Fresh Face Wash 

  • Saturate a washcloth or paper towel with Fresh Face Wash
  • Wipe face clean
  • Avoid eyes, while product won't harm eyes, it may sting
  • Drop mineral oil in eyes if desired
  • Gently towel/blot completely dry
  • Apply Boo Boo Butter to soothe and protect the tender area
  • Use as often as needed to keep your dog kissably clean 

Fresh Face Wash Product Info

  • Quickly cleans flatter faces
  • Non-drying formulation
  • Alcohol & Irritation free
  • Lightly scented with a gentle hint of Soft Mimosa
  • Safe for use on dogs and cats over six weeks of age

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