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Chinese Crested Nose Butter

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Nose Butter for Your Hairless Dog's Dry, Rough Nose+

All the Scoop on Nose Butter

#1 Tip - For quicker absorption warm Nose Butter prior to using

• To warm; stick in your pocket, bra, or scoop some out & warm in palm (see image)
• Open the tin or tube
• Gently control your dog's face (side of face or under their chin)
• Avoid head-locks - that's a trigger for many dogs
• Tag Team - have someone hold & you apply
• (Tin) Scoop a bit out appropriate to the size of your dog’s nose
• Dab it on their nose
• Rub it in a bit, you do not have to rub it in completely as it melts quickly, especially if warm
• Distract to keep them from licking or rubbing it off
• Repeat 2-3x a day for 1-3 days or until nose is back in shape
• Then use as needed for maintenance (usually 1-2x a week)

• Apply 2-3x a day (do the best you can, 2-3x a day is the goal)
• After 2-3 days of multiple daily applications, gently rub the nose with tissue and see if it easily crumbles off
• If it does NOT crumble right off (it will look like black, greasy dirt), keep applying Nose Butter 2-3x a day until it easily, without picking, comes off
• Resist the urge to pick as tempting as it may be, it hurts and will make the process harder

The crusty stuff is actually skin and hurts your dog if you pick it off, just like us pulling a scab off a skinned knee too soon.

• Give a cookie or treat before, during and after application
• Cuddles, pets, repeat as needed
• Feed their dinner (with extra yummies)
• Play your dog's fave game
• Throw a ball
• Go for a walk
• Pet them, lavish praise on them for their overall good dog-ness
• TIP! Not only does something positive (like cookies) take their mind off having something done to them, they soon equate Nose Butter with treats.

Keeping Expectations Real!

The Bad News is there is no actual CURE for Nasal Hyperkeratosis, it is a condition.

A Medical Condition is a health impairment resulting from a disease or injury or of idiopathic origins. Some condions can be cured, the majority can be managed or controlled.

If you stop using Nose Butter, the dryness and crust will probably come back.

The Good News is maintenance usage of Nose Butter keeps the Nasal Hyperkeratosis under control.

When our hands are really cracked and dry we can use lotion to get them in shape, but we can't slather lotion on our hands once and be moisturized for life.

Like cutting your dog's toenails...Nose Butter is part of their health care regimen.

Which is Best? Tin or Tube?

• Tubes allow for no-mess application.
• Tins offer hands-on application

The .15 oz lip-balm size tube of Nose Butter® is the perfect size for small noses, travel or to try out. It is .63" across, so a bit over ½ inch.

The .50 oz tube is .87" across, so over ¾ but not an inch.

What Size Should I Get?

Nose Butter is available in five sizes of tins and three tube sizes. Why so many? Dogs come in all sizes from Chinese Cresteds to Tibetan Mastiffs, so choose accordingly.

If you only have one small dog decide if you prefer the tin or tube and go from there.

If you have several small dogs who need Nose Butter, consider the 3 pack of lip-balm sized ones or at least a -ounce tin.

Why So Many Dog Breed Labels?

Nose Butter® is the exact same product no matter the label. The dog breed labels celebrate canine diversity and our dog geekness.

Applying Nose Butter isn't Rocket Science...BUT

Until you've tried to hold an uncooperative, frightened dog with the strength and flexibility of a Cirque de Soleil acrobat, Piranha teeth, an eardrum rupturing scream and dab something on their nose, you haven't experienced true frustration.

Dogs are often triggered by being held tightly. This may have originated from when they were puppies. Puppy play often involves a lot of wrestling and play-fight. It's not fun for dogs (or us) to have siblings pile on, hold us down and make us feel helpless. (I'm looking at my three sisters).

Tossing out some additional tips!

Gently wrap your dog in a blanket or towel to control their legs. Then apply.

Or try the complete opposite and let them stand and dab Nose Butter on. Like shoeing a little horse, they can keep their flight or fight instincts intact, which allows them to relax.

Stay calm and positive and be very generous with treats and your dog will soon enjoy, or at least tolerate, Nose Butter time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1497 reviews
Shannon Escalante
Works Fast!

I applied it 1-2 times a day for just a few days and my dog's nose it nearly all better. He does lick it off as soon as I put it on him so now I put it on and then give him wet food right away and it stays on. Excellent product!

Jacky Penswick
Love this product

The ease of this product is amazing. My dogs feet, and nose are protected from the harsh New England weather. Thanks for creating The Blissful Dog.

Patricia Hardin
Great product

This has worked miracles on my Walker’s nose. I was using vitamin E before and it didn’t work near as well as this. I would highly recommend this product.

Andrea Ring
Happy Nose

Our dog had issues with their nose cracking to where part of their nose would peel off. The nose butter has made their nose so much better and feeling better too.

Maria Lewis

My dogs nose has been excessively cracked, dry, and in some spots peeling from whatever is happening. We had a bleeding issue that resulted in a emergency vet visit. Luckily, she had a cut in her nose where all the swelling was occurring. We have used the nose balm for three weeks and what an improvement. He nose is still dry but with the nose balm, the other issues have subsided. I can even apply the balm without incident any longer. I am thankful for this product. It has been a wonderful relief for our Aussie!

It works

Great improvement after one week. Before and after pics

It works

Before and then after one week

Lewis Good
Great Stuff

The Vet told me Teddy had colly nose, thought I would try the Blissful Dog nose butter. After a few applications on his nose and snout & some sores on his ears they looked good, now I only apply the nose butter every couple of days. During this hot weather I noticed him nipping at himself which caused quite a few scabs and welts all over his body, I thought why not try the nose butter, I applied the nose butter to the scabs & sores, it helped decrease the itching and scabs, they are almost all gone by now.

Brian Thomas
Works great

The nose butter really does work.

Heather Philips
Miracle Remedy

My Saint Bernard's nose has been dry & cracked for years. Nose looked discolored from the dryness. ONE use and his nose was perfectly shiny black again! I was so shocked! He started getting a little dry (but no discoloration) 2 weeks later, so used one more time. I love the tube butter. It's easy to apply like a big chapstick for his nose. The paw butter tin is working great on the pads of his feet. Those were worse and taking a little longer since I haven't been consistent. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I only wish I found this product sooner. I will never be without it again.