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Brussels Griffon Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoo & Soap

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brussels griffon bath tub


Is Your Brussels Griffon A Darling Diva Dog?

Does Your Brussels Griffon Require the Best and Never EVER Settles for Less?

  • The Brussels Griffon who trots around with an air of utter and complete confidence, sure the entire world, nay universe is waiting to deliver their desires on the proverbial silver, make that platinum, platter
  • The Brussels Griffon who knows without a doubt that a certain city in Belgium was named after their great-great-great-great-grand mother
  • The Brussels Griffon who goes to the door to be let out, then when you get up and walk over to open the door...changes their mind... You know the one!

Rich Bitch and Drama Queen Shampoo and Soap are the same great shampoo, one is G-Rated and the other is PG-Rated.

PS - That is our own Shann's Cinnabar at Jackpot! enjoying her totally not PhotoShopped bath with her Mini-me waiting her turn. She is absolutely a Divine Darling Diva!

Drama Queen & Rich Bitch Shampoo for the Darling Diva or Demanding Dude in Your Life