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Bichon Frise Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoo

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Bichon Frise dog shampoo

Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoo for the Bichon Frise Who Lights Up a Room Like No Other!

  • The Bichon Frisé whom by sheer force of will and sheer exuberance of personality has a crowd gathered around them everywhere they go
  • The Bichon Frisé graciously smiles at those who ask, over and over, if that is a dog or a stuffed animal
  • The Bichon Friséwho patiently wags their adorable tail when the 482nd person that day mis-pronounces their breed name over and over. Sigh, it is  BEE-shon Free-ZAY.Not Bitchin' Frizzy, please!
  • Your Bichon Frisé forgives the usage of Bichon  Frise, without the accent. Typing that extra keystroke can be so tedious. They also accept the alternate Bichon Frize, but please, for the love of all Bichons, just not Bitchin" Frizzy.

Our Rich Bitch & Drama Queen Shampoos cleanse and clarify, as you would expect, plus luxurious argan and jojoba oil infuse and soothe your Bichon Frisé's skin and coat with moisturizing pampering lusciousness. As your beloved Bichon deserves!

Drama Queen & Rich Bitch Shampoo for the Darling Diva or Demanding Dude in Your Life