Australian Shepherd Tube Combo

Australian Shepherd Tube Combo

Your Aussie is probably a hard-working kinda dog - even if all that energy is directed toward stealing pizza off the counter! Choose from any four of our handcrafted .15 ounce tubes, this is a lip balm sized aka Chapstick size) for your Aussie's unique needs.

  • Your choice any 4-.15 oz Tubes (Lip Balm Sized)
  • Your Choice of ANY Combo of Nose Butter®, Boo Boo Butter, Bug Off Butter, Paw Butter & Elbow Butter .15 ounce tubes
  • Nose Butter available in Unscented or Scented
  • Bug Off Butter features a Buggy Aussie puppy on the label
  • Aussie Nose Butter Label Options are: All 4, Tricolor, Red Merle, Blue Merle, Blue Merle with Tan Points
  • Paw Butter & Elbow Butter labels are as shown
  • Complete Tips, Hints, Directions Brochure Included
  • In gift bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 2594 reviews
Dexter's Nose Makes Him Look Like A Puppy Again

My schnauzer has had a frayed/splintered-looking dry cracked nose for YEARS and I ran into your website and thought I’d try Nose Butter. He is 14 years old and now looks like a puppy! His demeanor and energy seem better also. I am so pleased about the improvement that I posted the before and after photos on Facebook!

Love the shampoo, nose butter & ear wash products.

My Frenchie Franny is enjoying her Blissful
Dog products. Her cost is shining & glowing. Her nose is healing and she looks gorgeous. The highest quality products are from the Blissful Dog!

Jane, your order came through while we were at a trade show and I didn't see it! Thank you, thank you for the fab review. I think of y'all so often and miss you. -Kathy
Fabulous product.

Have used similar products that work but my bulldog doesn’t tolerate them being put on so the unscented nose butter has been a godsend. He no longer has a cracked dried nose :)

That's what we love to hear! We're so glad you found us and have something your Bulldog will tolerate. Our Bulldogs certainly have a mind of their own, don't they? Thanks again! -Kathy
Fast service Good price and worked great .

I was amazed how fast the nose butter actually worked.

One of my pet peeves is that Stuff Should Just Work. So, we make sure our products do what we say they are going too. I'm so pleased we made the trifecta of delivery speed/price/product worked. Thank you again for taking time to let us know. -Kathy
Like Magic!

I really did not think Zoe would have results like the pictures I saw in your site but thought I would give it a try. I was so skeptical that I neglected to take before pictures but I wish I had! In less than a week of only 1-2 x a day application Zoe’s deformed and cracked nose is now normal. It no longer has the extra scaly skin growing off of it and it is black and moist now. I am sure she is more comfortable and it looks fantastic. Beyond belief really. I know I sound like I was paid to say this because I am gushing but it really worked like magic in less than a week.

Zoe looks fantastic! It makes us feel so good to know our product has helped you and Zoe are so happy with her new nose. She has to feel better, I sure would. I am a firm believer in products working like they are supposed to, so it means a lot to know you agree. Thank you! Kathy
We like nose butter.

The nose butter has not completely handled Gunner's scaly nose, it's better, but we are needing to apply the butter multiple times a day to keep the scales at bay. If we don't it dries right out again. We may need to visit our local vet to get it looked at.

Gunner's Nasal Hyperkeratosis may be an extreme form, but even then the dryness shouldn't come back that fast. Good idea to touch base with your vet. Take the Nose Butter so he can see we don't have any petroleum by-products, soy etc. in it. Please let us know how Gunner is doing.
Love it!

Works Very well

Thank you so very much! Are Westies always happy? Every picture I have seen of Westies they look perky and happy. They must be a pleasure to live with! -Kathy
This is awesome!

I was worried about trying this because I was unfamiliar with the brand, but within a day the crusty nose was visibly healing. After a week, it looked totally normal. She is not fond of my putting it on her but in fairness, why would she be. It has REALLY helped, thank you!

Thank you so much for letting us know how your dog's nose is responding. I agree, some dogs just don't want their faces messed with, toenails cut or anything done that wasn't their idea! Glad you stuck with it. -Kathy
This blissful dog nose butter was one of the best purchases I have made. I definitely recommend i...

Worked great.! Within 5 days his nose went from rough and flaking to smooth, moist and shiny!

Thank you again, Patricia. A face as fabulous as Romeo's has to loom it's best ;-D Thank you for sharing these beautiful images and the good news about Roscoe's response to our Nose Butter. -Kathy
Nose butter is awesome !!

I’ve been calling our boy barnacle Bill but already so much better after a short while! Even though he likes it off!! Great stuff!!

You nailed it! That crusty crud looks exactly like barnacles! Now you'll have to come up with a new nickname for your American Bulldog! Thanks for letting us know how it worked for you. -Kathy

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