Australian Shepherd Nose Butter

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Australian Shepherd Nose Butter® For Your Aussie's Dry Nose

The Australian Shepherd is a hard-working, hard-playing dog. Smart, good looking and oh-so loving. No wonder they are such popular companions and working dogs.

Your Aussie's Dry Nose

Like many of the herding type dogs, the Aussie has a predisposition toward having a dry or crusty nose.  This dryness can range from a bit of dryness around their nostrils to the more extreme form of canine nose dryness, Nasal Hyperkeratosis.

Nasal Hyperkeratosis causes your Aussie's nose to create an overgrowth of dry, crusty, even scaly tissue across the top of the nose. In Aussies it is usually seen as a ridge where the nose meets the rest of the face, not the layers we see in flat-faced dogs.

Australian Shepherd Nose Butter® moisturizes and softens the dryness away quickly (usually 2-3 days), then regular maintenance usage keeps your Aussie's nose looking good and feeling good. 

Complete Product Info, Ingredients and Directions in TABS & VIDEOS Below.

Your Australian Shepherd's Healthy Nose

A dry, cracked nose doesn't catch and capture all the info dogs need to make decisions and feel confident. Not only does a dry nose interfere with their sniffing ability, it can also lead to a feeling of being unsettled. Your Aussie is unable to get all the scents and smells full of info if his nose is dry. Like how we feel when we can't get cell phone service. This can lead to an undercurrent of stress and anxiety all day, every day for your dog!

Nose Butter® smooths and nourishes your Aussie's nose, helping them look and feel better on all levels. Not only does he look much better with a smooth, shiny nose, he feels better physically, as he can breathe much more easily. Your Aussie can even feel more confident and self-assured when he's getting all the scoop.

FUN AUSSIE FACTOID: Aussies are one of the few breeds that originated in the USA. The Australian Shepherd was bred by French sheepherders from the Spanish Alps to herd Australian sheep brought to the US during the California Gold Rush.

Nose Butter Product Details

Product Details

  • Individually handcrafted by The Blissful Dog
  • Available in tins - 1, 2, 4, 8 & 16 oz tins
  • Available in tubes 15 oz (lip balm size), .50 oz tubes
  • Unscented or Lightly Scented
  • Includes complete directions booklet
  • Your choice dog breed label 

More Info on Choosing Nose Butter

Info on EXtremely Dry Dog Noses - Nasal Hyperkeratosis

Nose Butter® All Natural Ingredients

Handcrafted By The Blissful Dog Since 2002 Using All Natural Ingredients 

  • all natural and organic ingredients used: 
  • Shea butter
  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • castor oil
  • cocoa seed butter
  • avocado oil
  • beeswax 
  • unscented - no essential oils
  • scented essential oils; cedar wood, cypress and ylang ylang

Using Nose Butter

Using Nose Butter

  • Warm product before using for faster absorption
  • DAB on your dog's nose
  • DISTRACT to keep them from licking it off
  • REPEAT 2-3x daily for 1-3 days or until improvement
  • Use as needed for maintenance (1-2x a week)
  • Non-toxic, no active ingredients & no harm is licked

More Tips On Using Nose Butter On Uncooperative, Stubborn Dogs - We know you're asking for a friend.

Nasal Hyperkeratosis aka Extreme Dog Nose Dryness

Nasal Hyperkeratosis in Dogs

Nasal Hyperkeratosis is the extremely dry version of a dry dog nose. Any breed, any dog can develop it, but there are a few characteristics or circumstances that can trigger it. More info in video below and here.

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