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3 Old Friends Age Well Dog Aromatherapy

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Offers Gentle, All Natural Support for Your Senior Dog's Aging Process

Your dog has been a constant in your life for a long time. Always there, ready to go for a walk or just sit beside you. You cannot imagine life without them. Then one day you realize your dog has a grey muzzle and groans a bit as they stand up. When did THIS happen? In disbelief you realize your dog is getting old.

Of course, you feed a quality senior dog food, add supplements for joints and such, but did you know you can also support your dog's cognitive function…naturally?

Age Well 3 Old Friends Dog Aromatherapy helps smooth the ragged edges of aging for your dog. Gently, all natural and created with love for both your aging best friend.

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy helps your best friend age more peacefully while staying in the present moment.

Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Usage Quick Overview

Apply Age Well Dog Aromatherapy to your dog when you notice they seem disoriented, confused or stressed Use the spray first, then follow up with the roll-on for maximum effectiveness Reapply as often as needed. Complete directions are in tabs below and in brochure included with your order.

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Tips for Using Age Well Dog Aromatherapy 

  • Begin to apply when your dog seems disoriented, confused or anxious
  • Reassure your dog in a calm, gentle manner
  • Reapply frequently, as needed for your dog's peace of mind
  • Use Age Well Dog Aromatherapy Roll-on and Spray together to amplify results

Using Age Well Spray Aromatherapy

  • Spritz over your dog's body from the ears back (don't spray in their face-dogs don't like that)
  • Alternate application: spray onto your hands and pet your dog. 
  • Spray their bedding, crate, inside vehicle prior to travel
  • Use as needed to support your individual dog as they age 

Using Age Well Roll-On Aromatherapy

  • Roll on in a circular motion, inside your dog's ears
  • Or roll on their groin/belly area or throat (less hair in these areas)
  • Alternate application: roll onto your hands and pet your dog
  • Reapply as needed to help your dog be more peaceful and present




Age Well Aromatherapy supports your senior dog mentally and emotionally, allowing them to age more peacefully.

  • ROLL-ON CARRIER OILS jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil
  • SPRAY CARRIER distilled water and natural emulsifier
  • CEDARWOOD grounds and reduces panic
  • CYPRESS soothes frazzled emotions
  • FRANKINCENSE quiets anxiety
  • LAVENDER classic calming
  • VETIVER stress relief
  • BERGAMOT uplifts and balances
  • MYRRH relieves agitation and balances
  • YLANG YLANG balances overstretched nerves, uplifts
  • GRAPEFRUIT enlivens the mind
  • ROSEMARY promotes mental clarity
  • BLOOD ORANGE uplifts depression and levels mood swings



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