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The Blissful Puppy Program | Breeder Bonuses

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The Blissful Dog Blissful Puppy Breeder Benefits

Breeding dogs is HARD work! People have this mental pictures of dog breeders frolicking with puppies all day, like the happiest guy in the world below. But we all know how hard it is! We appreciate your hard work and we appreciate your joining us to ensure your puppy's new parents know how to best take care of their puppies.

Our Blissful Puppy Program helps you provide your puppy people with some of the tools they need to ensure their puppy fulfills their bliss potential.

Now that you've been accepted into The Blissful Dog Puppy Program the goodies can be shared. 

Your Blissful Benefits


Breeder Program Perks

#1 - Breeder discounts of 30% for purchase of full-size products for inclusion in your puppy kits are offered! You receive a one-time use discount code for 30% off one order. For subsequent litters after acceptance into the Blissful Breeders Program you will receive a unique code for each litter.

#2 - Included with your order will be breed stickers, samples (as available) and more fun goodies.

#3 - Coupons to share with puppy buyers

#4 - Access to downloads of several PDFs (coloring books, journals, tips, information on raising puppies for you to print and use/share). You can give puppy buyers the links to download.


Download ALL of the PDFs offered in The Blissful Puppy Packs. The link opens to a Google Drive folder in a new page.

Download Link

    The Blissful Puppy Record Keeper Kit includes;

    • The Blissful Dog Puppy Record Keeper PDF
    • Your Puppy’s Health Records Form
    • Your Puppy’s Medications Record
    • Pet Sitter Info Sheet
    • Promise to My Dog Contract (Adult & Child Versions)

    The Blissful Puppy Making Memories includes;

    • Tips on Capturing Precious Puppy Photos
    • Scrapbook/Journal Pages for Recording Puppy's Firsts (First Meeting, the Ride Home, First Night at New Home, etc.)
    • To-Do Lists
    • Blank Puppy Pages
    • Puppy Picture Templates

    The Blissful Dog Coloring Book

    Over 70 dog breeds to color, expertise levels range from Crayon ez to Van Gogh would sweat. Enjoy!

    Random Bliss

    Plus, there are a couple of versions of The Blissful Dog logo for you to use in your sharing. And some random what I call Shareables to, well, share as desired on FB or Insta. The first folder has "What Is A Blissful Dog" images to share.

    Access to MORE!

    Other components of this series; More To-Do Lists, Scrapbooking sheets and pages, My Blissful Puppy Journal, Guided Journaling Programs, Planner Organization Program + MORE will be released every so often via The Blissful Dog newsletter and Facebook page.  Sign-up for our newsletter and/or like us on Facebook to gain access to all the FREEBIES. The Blissful Dog on Facebook

    What The Blissful Dog Requests of You

    As mentioned when you signed up, we do ask you help us spread the word on our products. In addition to giving your puppy buyers The Blissful Puppy Packs we provide, we ask you to share the bliss on any social media avenues you use (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and FB Groups etc. that are applicable.

    Hashtag us using #theblissfuldog #blissfuldog #myblissfulpuppy.

    Request The Blissful Dog Puppy Packs Here

    Request specific number of Puppy Packs for your litter here.  We do reserve the right to limit the number of puppy packs sent per year. Gotta say it...these packs are for your puppy buyers!

    The Legalese

    We reserve the right to alter or discontinue this program at any time without prior notice. This program is only valid within the USA, at this time.

    Ugh, loathe this part, but here goes. In plain English, dont copy my hard work and don’t sell the collateral (My Blissful Dog Record Keeper, My Blissful Puppy Journal, Making Blissful Memories, The Blissful Dog Coloring Book and any other materials provided by The Blissful Dog, or any part of it. Don’t alter it or use bits and pieces for monetary gain.

    TERMS OF USE: For Your Personal Use Only

    • You are licensed to use the above materials for your own personal use and to share with puppy buyers/adopters in its original, unaltered format only
    • Personal use means no part of the materials may be used or altered for sale any manner
    • None of the above may be used in advertising, redistributed, resold or relicensed

    The fine print: Educational information, resource materials and/or referrals provided to the public are reliable but not guaranteed. Information offered to the public is for educational purposes only; and The Blissful Dog assumes no liability for any information imparted by The Blissful Dog Puppy Program members.