The Blissful Dog of the Day

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Your Dog Can Be The Blissful Dog of the Day - Your Dog Will Be Bliss-famous!

Being awarded the coveted title of The Blissful Dog of the Day is possible for your dog! To become eligible for this prestigious award, simply purchase anything from The Blissful Dog and leave a photo review. That's it! You don't have to Post, Pin, Gram or any of that, though we would be giddy if you did! 

While we love pictures of your dogs with our products, you can send us ANY photo of your dog. Puppy pictures, a quick snap or a commissioned portrait...any photo works. Leave your photo review (with your dog's name included).  An email nudging you to leave a review is sent a week or so after you receive your order. Leave the review with photo and we'll do the rest! If you prefer, email us the review and photo and we'll upload it all and take care of it for you. How easy is THAT?

Then 2-3 dogs per week are selected to be The Blissful Dog of the Day! Judges will be The Blissful Dog Team and family, PLUS esteemed guest judges will be making appearances to select the honorees. 

The Most Excellent and Blissful Goodies Your Dog Can Receive

  • Your dog will be featured as The Blissfully Good Dog of the Day on Facebook, Instagram, The Blissful Dog website + whatever else we think of 
  • Official Certificate of Achievement of The Blissful Dog of the Day Status will be mailed to your dog (yes, in the mail...with stamps) and is available for download
  • Badges/overlays for usage on photos 
  • Product samples 
  • Coupon for next purchase
  • Surprise Goodie Pack of SWAG
  • More stuff as we think of it (that covers everything)

Blissful Dog of the Day - Grandfathered In 

Customers who have already kindly submitted photos with their reviews will be automatically eligible for inclusion in The Blissful Dog of the Day Program.

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