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My Blissful Puppy

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My Blissful Dog Downloads

Every Dog Deserves a Blissful Life

Congratulations on your new dog! Whether you brought a puppy or an adult dog into your life, we congratulate you!

Puppies are SO much fun! Sure, they are a bit (yeah, a LOT) of work, but they are worth every minute of it.

Our Blissful Dog Record Keeper provides you with all you need to start off organized! Organization...the Holy Grail of Our Society! 📝

Your FREE Blissful Dog Record Keeping System Includes:

  • Your Blissful Dog's Info Form
  • Your Blissful Dog's Health Records Form
  • Your Blissful Dog's Medications Record
  • Pet Sitter Info Form (2 pages)
  • To-Do Lists
  • Journal Page
  • PDFs are available for download
  • Can be printed and/or edited online for organizing ease

Other FREE PDF Downloads Available via the Newsletter

  • Promise to My Dog Contract (Adult & Child Versions)
  • Making Blissful Puppy Memories (25 page Puppy Album/Scrapbook/Journal
  • Get Access to MORE!

Other Downloads To Be Released via the Newsletter include:

  • More To-Do Lists
  • Scrapbooking sheets and pages
  • My Blissful Puppy Journal
  • My Blissful Dog Journal
  • Guided Journaling Programs
  • Planner Organization Program

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Download the PDF of My Blissful Dog Record Keeper HERE- Opens into a new page.

Download the PDF of My Dog Adoption Certificate Here opens into a new page.

The Legalese

Ugh, loathe this part, but gotta do it. In plain English, don't copy my stuff, don’t sell the collateral (My Blissful Dog Record Keeper, My Blissful Puppy Journal, Making Blissful Memories, The Blissful Dog Coloring Book and any other materials provided by The Blissful Dog, or any part of it. Don’t alter it or use bits and pieces for monetary gain.

TERMS OF USE: For Your Personal Use Only

  • You are licensed to use the above materials for your own personal use in its original, unaltered format only
  • Personal use means no part of the materials may be used or altered for sale any manner.
  • None of the above may be used in advertising, redistributed, resold or relicensed.

The fine print: Educational information, resource materials and/or referrals provided to the public are reliable but not guaranteed. Information offered to the public is for educational purposes only and The Blissful Dog assumes no liability for any information shared.