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Blissfully Clean | It's Science - Dog Bathing Science

science of dog shampoo

The Best of Nature & Science for Blissfully Clean Dogs 

Time for Dog Skin and Coat Care Science Class

Grab your lab coat and pocket protector, we are going full-on geek! First, let’s cover how our products make a dog's coat healthier…from a scientific point of view.

The #1 Secret in How to Get Blissful and Healthy Dog Coats Is Closing Open Hair Cuticles

Dog skin creates oily sebum which coats each hair cuticles and locks in moisture. This is a good thing, but every bit of dirt that floats by sticks to the sebum. Shampoos and soaps wash the sebum and its dirty passengers away (another good thing), but it leaves the hair cuticle open and fragile (bad thing).

Our shampoos clean in the manner appropriate for each coat type, while lessening the impact on the actual hair cuticle. We also replace the sebum with conditioner which protects the hair cuticle without attracting the debris that natural sebum does. 

Making the World More Positive...One Hair of the Dog at a Time 

A dog’s coat and skin are naturally negatively charged (-), so when rough, dry hair rubs together the negative hairs repel each other and creates static. This results in fly-away, static hair…which creates more breakage as the fragile hair is snagged and torn by all the other open hairs. Using a conditioner breaks this negative bond, allowing the hair to flow naturally…no static.

CLASS DISMISSED...You Earned an A+ in Dog Coat 101