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Bliss Tips | Capturing Memories With Your Dog

taking pictures of your dog

We all love showing off our dogs! Most of us have 72% (or more) pictures of our dogs on our phones. They do such cute stuff and they never complain when you post pics of them in uncompromising positions all over social media.

This week's gift includes Tips & Hints for capturing the perfect pup pic. From secret iPhone settings to ways to frame the photo to tips on getting your dog's best LOOK, we share the scoop.

Download Your Taking Blissful Pictures Guide Here

Next week we will cover editing your dog's photos and touch on a few easy to use pro tricks for making an average image POP!

Next week you receive a fat stack of templates, frames and scrapbook pages for you to use in recording some of the memories you made using the tips from this week! See below!

Making memories is one of life's most enjoyable experiences. But, reliving them is almost as good!


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