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Bliss Bits | Down & Dirty Guide To Bathing Your Dog

frenchie in bathtub

Healthy, Shiny Dog Coats Are Blissful!

Healthy, shiny coats are the result of many factors; coat type, genetics, diet, overall health and of course, good grooming products and practices. Our mission is to show you how to wash and groom your dogs with our products in order to bring out the best possible coat conditions.

Dry, Porous Dog Coats - Not Blissful 

Each dog’s coat usually falls into three levels of porousness: Low, Moderate or Severe. Damaged hair has open cuticles and is severely porous. A healthy, shiny coat has smoother cuticles and is less porous. Our products move each dog’s coat toward being less porous while maintaining the desired texture and look for each breed. 

As you know, hair or coat is not living tissue, it is dead keratin. No shampoo or conditioner is going to bring hair back to life. However, our products were created to revive the appearance of each hair and repair existing damage, plus slow further trauma to your dog’s coat.  

Our Blissfully Healthy Dog Coat System and Bathing Tips

Step 1: Bathe the dog first! Yes, that’s right...Contrary to long-standing advice to brush and comb first, our system allows you to pop the dog right into the tub. Select the shampoo appropriate for your dog and bathe as usual.

Step 2: Condition using FLAWLESS FINISH Coat Conditioner.

Step 3: After rinsing the conditioner from the coat, follow up with SHINE ON + SHEEN Coat Spray. SHINE ON + SHEEN closes the cuticle and seals and protects the coat. The coat is now hydrated, stronger, smooth and ready for drying. 

Step 4: If you use a blow dryer to dry your dog, use the lowest temperature setting. Test it by holding it an inch from your skin - if it fells too hot - IT IS! Use the blow dryer to blow out any loose undercoat or and loosen mats or tangles. Your dryer is brushing the dog! Any mats or tangles that may still be there can then be easily worked out. If you do not use a dryer, very gently towel dry your dog. Gentle is key to not break wet, delicate hair.  


Up until now, you had to brush, de-matt, comb, rake and brush some more to prep your dog for bathing and styling. With our system, on how to bath and groom dogs, you will use less physical effort and reduce strain on your body. Your dog will be bathed and playing before they know it, so less stress to their mental and physical well-being.

Our dog bathing system offers a true win/win blissful solution for all!

More Down & Dirty Dog Bathing Tips

Dog Bathing Bliss TIP: You're Gonna Get Wet! Accept It and Dress Accordingly 

  • First, don’t rush. Make sure you have plenty of time to make bath time positive and maybe even fun. If you feel yourself getting frazzled, stop and breathe.
  • Determine where the bathing will take place. The kitchen sink or a laundry tub may work for your smaller dog. Large dogs may require the bathtub or shower. If weather permits, bathing your dog outside could be a fun family event
  • Gather your supplies prior to the bathing extravaganza
  • SUPPLIES – Your choice of Blissfully Clean Dog Shampoo or Soap, towels (at least three), cotton balls, collar & lead (if needed), yummy dog treats for after bath, wine/chocolate for your job-well-done after bath treat (if needed)
  • Use an encouraging happy voice (use that baby talk voice, yeah, we all do it) and talk to your dog throughout the bath
  • Put a cotton ball in each ear to keep water out – this is a biggie and will save you potential ear infections and expense
  • Wet your dog thoroughly from the ears back with lukewarm water (not hot)
  • Dog Bathing Tip: DO NOT squirt water into their face…dogs hate that! Use a washcloth or small bath puff for face cleaning
  • Grab your shampoo/soap and work up a lather
  • Start behind their ears and massage the suds into their coat from ears to tail (don’t forget their toes)
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse and then rinse one more time just to be sure!
  • Towel dry very gently
  • Let your dog shake – they really, really want to, so let ’em have a good shake! It's part of being a dog
  • If you used soap put it on a soap dish, let it dry, then pop back in its tin
  • If needed, blow dry with a very cool setting. If you will be drying your dog often invest in a special dog blow dryer
  • Praise them, pet them, make this a FUN occasion
  • Most dogs have the rip snorts after a bath! Let them run!
  • Treat yourself to a job well done! Have that glass of wine or treat of your choice